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A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Show 167 – And we’re back

Hi all, the show’s back after a few months away. Mum’s doing well and doesn’t need as much help as she has been needing, so I’m back for more shows.

This week, why electricity is such an important thing (especially when you’re without it).

We catch up with the cats. Audible is back as a show sponsor and you can take advantage of their special offer here. The book I’m recommending this show is Reamde by Neil Stephenson.

I’ve switched to drinking coffee and am using an Aeropress that I for from here, they’re also available from Amazon.

The music this week is Prelude (Raindrop) op28 by Fredrick Chopin played by Daniel Estrem on his album Collage from Magnatune.

A direct link to the show is here, so you can play it on your computer.

23 October 2011 - Posted by | knitting


  1. Welcome back!

    Comment by TMcCormick | 23 October 2011

  2. Hi David – which Cat Bordhi sock book were you referring to? You didn’t mention the title in the podcast, and I looked back a few show pages to look for it. Thanks!

    Herb tea is my favorite water option – mint, fruit, etc. without calories, also no plastic trash.

    Comment by Sally | 24 October 2011

  3. David I am so glad you are back, of course we all understand how life gets in the way. I love hearing how it is Spring where you are and we are into fall here in the Northern Hemisphere. The Easter Show was always a bit confusing to me until I thought, that would be your fall festival time of year and it made perfect sense. Our fairs and shows here are in the fall for the most part. Glad your Mum is doing so well and I pray she continues to do so.

    Comment by Susan Smith | 24 October 2011

  4. David, I am also so glad to hear you again! You’ve been missed! Glad your mom is doing so well and hope she continues to do so.
    Thank you for your podcasts!
    Kris McK
    Portland, Oregon USA

    Comment by Kris McK | 24 October 2011

  5. The sound quality of this episode is terrific. I especially appreciate the smooth transition between music and voice (beautiful music, too). Thank you for creating another episode!

    Comment by Julie | 24 October 2011

  6. Hi David,

    Welcome back! I was so happy when I saw that there was a new episode in my iTunes subscription. I´m glad your Mum is doing well and that you´re back!

    All the best to you.

    Comment by Ana | 25 October 2011

  7. I’m sure I typed ‘can’ after ‘I’ and before ‘tell’.

    Comment by Goodman-Peters | 26 October 2011

  8. So glad you’re back! Great podcast.

    Comment by Randi | 26 October 2011

  9. Welcome Back David!!

    Glad things are going well on your side of the world!

    Look forward to hearing more podcasts!!

    Kelly D < 8(:-D

    Comment by Kelly D | 27 October 2011

  10. It’s wonderful to have you back — and to hear good news about your mom. When I listened to this posdcast it felt like getting together with a good friend who I have not seen in a long time, but when we meet we invariably join right in as if it were just yesterday!

    Comment by twinsetjan | 28 October 2011

  11. It’s so lovely to hear that you are back and that your Mum is doing well. I only found your podcast about a month ago so I have a LOT of past episodes to catch up on (currently on number 11) but I do so love your show and shall definitely work my way through all the episodes – I’m finding your voice (especially the accent) very relaxing and a joy to listen to! I have to say I am a particular fan of Hugh Jackman so I do tend to find myself imagining that you are “Hugh” talking to me lol!!

    I am a relatively new knitter from the UK (I learnt as a child but did nothing with it until now) and I also crochet. I also started to learn to spin in July and am having great fun with that too.

    My husband is also really interested in the fact that you are an astrophysicist. I don’t know whether you have already recorded an episode about this (again, just on number 11 at the mo) but we would be really interested to hear some more about your work in astrophysics.

    Looking forward to the next episode!


    Comment by Ruth | 28 October 2011

  12. I’ve really missed your podcats! So glad all is well with you and your mum!

    Comment by Nancy | 30 October 2011

  13. GREAT to have you back! I look forward to your podcasts and have missed you. Here’s listening to you!

    Comment by Cindi Brown | 30 October 2011

  14. I am SO thrilled to hear your voice again! I actually saved this podcast until I had time to sit down and knit so that I could knit to your voice.

    Comment by Liz in Ypsilanti | 31 October 2011

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