Sticks & String

A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Book Reviews

Here are the reviews of knitting books I’ve covered on the show:


  1. Hi – Just wondering if you will be compiling a complete list of all the books you have reviewed – or is it here somewhere & I’m just not finding it? I enjoy your podcast – thanks!

    Comment by Helen | 30 June 2007

  2. Just started listening from #1. So I do not know if you’ve seen “Knitting with Balls” which is a great mens knitting book. I also have a handful of ‘naughty knitting’ type books that my wife got for me to make stuff for her.

    I’ll probably be caught up in a few weeks.



    Comment by lonebear | 7 September 2007

  3. David,
    I enjoy your podcast very much. I just discovered the world of podcasts a few months ago so I am only up to about show 34. How do I find the show notes for the early shows. I can’t seem to find them on the site. Help Judy

    Comment by Judy | 13 March 2008

  4. Hi David,

    I’m a listener from Wisconsin in the US. I really do enjoy your show. Everything from your format and content to your audio quality is first rate. Awhile back you mentioned a series of science fiction books, a very long (maybe 12 volume) series. Since I mostly listen in the car, I didn’t jot it down and of course now I couldn’t remember it to save my life. I’ve even stood in the book store hoping for a flash of insight. I don’t suppose you’d mind mentioning it again?

    Glad to have you back; hope you had great holidays.

    Comment by Gwenn Zerull | 5 August 2008

  5. I enjoy your podcasts and find all the unrealated things you discuss most interesting. Several podcasts back, you mentioned that you were excited to learn that Robert Jordan’s WOT series would be completed by Brandon Sanderson, who happens to be my nephew. It now looks like the one book to complete the series has turned into three. They’ll likely be published in 11/2009, 11/2010 and 11/2011. He explains all of this in a recent blog entry.

    Comment by Judy T. Sanderson | 16 April 2009

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