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A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

About Sticks & String and me

G’day all. I’m David Reidy, an Australian bloke who lives in the Blue Mountains two hours west of Sydney, and knits and podcasts about knitting. Away from the sticks and string, I’m an astrophysicist who now teaches high school. In my knitting and podcasting endeavours I am assisted by my two Burmese cats, Tikka and Tiger.

The Sticks and String podcast appears weekly, so look for a new show each weekend.

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Upcoming shows: Series 13 who knows!.

Season 13 is underway there’s no particular theme, just whatever pops up.

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  1. I totally just stumbled on your podcast this evening and must tell you how much I enjoyed it — the bloke’s perspective on Montse Stanley was great, and your take on knitting community is spot on. I’m married to a physicist, so I know the voice of reason when I hear it. : ) Oh, and don’t give up on mohair yet — there are some lovely silky varieties out there that bear no resemblance to the long-haired stiff stuff.

    Comment by Barbara | 2 November 2006

  2. Hi!

    I’d like to know how you chose the name for your website/podcast. I listened to Brenda Dayne’s podcast this week and heard about your podcast, so I’m listening to it now with a subscription through iTunes.

    I’d also like to know what you’re using to create your podcasts – hardware and software.

    Thanks for the review of Knitter’s Handbook. There are so many books out there to use as a reference for knitting that it’s overwhelming, and I already own more than I use. However, I like to have them at my fingertips 🙂

    Comment by Susan Oates | 4 November 2006

  3. Hi David, I just wanted you to know that I heard you announce your show on Cast-On. I currently subscribe to three podcasts: Cast-On, Lime & Violet and Knitty D and the City and I’m in the middle of adding you to that list. I am looking very forward to listening to your show. I love listening to stories about sticks and strings from other people who are as obsessed about it as I am.

    Comment by Angela | 6 November 2006

  4. Love your podcast; I’ve been knitting about a year (after a 35 year break, too) and listening to knitting podcasts a little more than a year. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Claire | 9 November 2006

  5. I just wanted you to know, I LOVE YOUR PODCAST. Keep on ‘casting!

    Comment by Jenny | 14 November 2006

  6. Love the podcast!! And the accent, of course! I subscribe to Lime N Violet and Stl Brenda, of course – and you have made a wonderful addition to my regulars. I look forward to each new show and love hearing about knitting in Australia. I, too, commute, but must drive so the best I can do is listen about knitting, as I fear I’d be in the slammer if I tried to drive and knit – although I do get caught at the occasional stoplight!!
    Looking forward to more from the Blue Mountains.
    Twisted Sister Kristie

    Comment by Twisted Sister Kristie | 19 November 2006

  7. Hi- I just listened to all of your podcasts today. I enjoyed them very much!

    Comment by Pat | 21 November 2006

  8. Hi David,

    Just discovered your podcast after hearing about it on Cast On. Kudos on doing a great job, you sound very professional and I love the perspective you offer. I’ll be subscribing on Itunes and looking forward to future podcasts.

    Keep up the good work and best wishes to Tiger & Tikka.

    Comment by Jane | 29 November 2006

  9. Thank you for a great podcast! I really enjoy listening to your perspective…the music is wonderful and …Love the accent as well! Have a great week!

    Comment by pat | 29 November 2006

  10. hey! just wanted to say that i really enjoy your podcast! it’s so relaxing to listen to and very informative. looking forward to the next one!

    Comment by amy | 2 December 2006

  11. Dear Uncle Dave,

    Thank you so much for my gorgeous pumpkin hat. I look totally cute in it!

    I also want to thank you for my booties that you made me when I was very small & still in hospital. They kept my tootsies warm and fit me perfectly.

    My Mummy, Daddy, nanalee & I are huge fans of your show.

    It’s our Sunday night entertainment during dinner!

    When I grow up I would like you to teach me to knit.

    Love from Bella-angel x

    Comment by Bella-angel | 3 December 2006

  12. Ah! I’m in heaven! I love listening to audio books and podcasts while in my studio throwing pots, and now, unbelievable but true, I can throw pots AND listen to a podcast by a man about knitting! Pottery and knitting – two of my passions.

    Thanks for your efforts!

    Comment by Jonathan Kirkendall | 12 December 2006

  13. I just discovered your podcast via Cast-On. Love it, love it, love it! You’ve got a great show David! I’m never at a loss for what to listen to whilst knitting anymore 🙂 Keep up the good work!!!

    Comment by Jerry | 24 December 2006

  14. Thanks so much for such a great podcast. I love it! I taught myself to knit a few years ago, but have pretty much stuck to easy patterns. Thanks for giving me the confidence to try anything. I am also a teacher with two cats, (both of whom are trying to type right now), so I especially love hearing your non-knitting asides and kitty noises in the background. Can’t wait to hear more.

    Comment by Megan | 18 January 2007

  15. Hi! Just a quick note from Winchester, Virginia, in the beautiful lower Shenandoah Valley. Thank you so much for sending out such a thoughtful and enjoyable podcast. I’m a long time knitter and really appreciate your addition to “knitting radio” — something I can enjoy while my hands are busy!

    I think on your last episode of this series you announced that the upcoming series would be about knitting history. I have a particular interest in one aspect of that.

    I have an extensive collection of knitting tools and patterns from war times, particularly World War II and from the US perspective. I know there were Red Cross patterns from UK countries but my collection is all US. They are public domain, so if you have any interest in selecting any patterns to offer your listeners, that would be fine. I’ll also send you some of the original red white and blue knitting needles for your collection as a “thank you” for your podcast.

    I can give you loads of information on this stuff, but I’m not really an essayist, so I can’t really offer much from that standpoint, but I can definitely hook you up.

    As an aside, I’ve also enjoyed knitting for different charities and have related some of it to war-time knitting in that one can, I think, view AIDS, homelessness, child welfare, etc. to “wars” of their own, so the patterns and the mentality of knitting to benefit soldiers is pretty easily transferred to knitting for others in need.

    Let me know if any of this interests you, and again, thanks for all your work.

    Comment by Witt | 20 January 2007

  16. Hi Dave,

    I just listened to your first podcast yesterday. I live in Dubai U.A.E. and really enjoyed it. I am an old knitter but left it for a good 12 years and have recently gotten back into it. I like to here a males perspective on it and I like the well roundedness of the topics you discuss. I look forward to future podcasts.

    P.S. The music is enjoyable as well LOL

    Comment by Analisa | 21 January 2007

  17. Hi David,

    I have been enjoying your podcast. I’ve listened to them all over the last week or so.

    I’m an assistant editor at Yarn Magazine and I also write a column and design a pattern for every issue. Mine is the Yarn on a Shoestring Column and I designed all the small gifts in the summer issue (thanks for the praise of Yarn in your last cast by the way!)

    Would you mind if I quote you in an upcoming article that I am writing? It is an article about knitting for charity and I will be discussing why giving handmade items is just as good or better than giving money. Paragraph 8 of your Set It Free essay sums up what I’m trying to say.

    The article will be published in the Autumn 2007 issue which comes out in March.

    Hope to hear from you soon. I’m eagerly looking forward to your next cast.

    Sarah Golder

    Comment by Sarah Golder | 22 January 2007

  18. I just listened to your podcast number 1 tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it! Am glad there are several more to listen to. I thought you were articulate, funny without having to be profane, very nice music…excellent – I listen to several podcasts and I think yours will be one of my favorites.

    Thanks again for helping me see the other point of view in our knitting world – the bloke’s.

    Comment by Pat | 23 January 2007

  19. Wow! I myself am a former astrophysicist who also knits. Small world!

    Comment by Caryn | 25 January 2007

  20. Greetings from sunny Tampa, Florida, USA. Love the podcast! I’m still catching up on them and you’re in my ears as I type. You made me laugh a couple of times, especially at one essay…and I often grin sypathetically at your knitting adventures. We all need more humor in our lives, so thank you for sharing your wry sense of it!

    And yes, I actually DO like the cat noises every so often, not too often ! It gives your podcast even more atmosphere. Thanks for describing the views from your window and giving us a sense of where you live and how!

    You’re interesting, erudite, have a nice voice, play nice music and, thank g-d, a sense of humor and I’m really looking forward to listening to more of your podcasts.
    You’re, IMHO, second only to Brenda Dayne in the knitting podcast world and that’s high high praise, she’s first in my book!

    Comment by WendyE | 30 January 2007

  21. Hi David,
    I just discovered podcasts and in particular knitting podcasts and you are the greatest! I went on a long drive this weekend(1000 miles) and first I listened to all of yours straight through and then I started on Cast On from the beginning. I can’t wait for the 1st of the new series from you. This is so exciting to me to find this venue and not having known it was there I am wondering what planet I am on. I have returned to knitting with a vengeance after a 40 year hiatus and am literally hooked. I am a Bowen Therapist by day and a knitter by night. The quality and content of your show is fantastic. I can just imagine sitting around the kitchen table with you having a cup of Bushell’s and knitting and that is way cool. We need a picture of you on your website so we can see who is talking to us. Anyway, loads of luck and I will help spread the word here in my area.
    Thanks for your time
    Debra DuBois

    Comment by Debra DuBois | 30 January 2007

  22. hey! I really didn’t expect a reply. You are such a busy man. I am now listening to the new one and yep, I am still mesmerized.

    Comment by Debra DuBois | 4 February 2007

  23. G’day! Just finished listening to your Show 11. I found you through iTunes and womanfully downloaded the episode on a dead-slow connection so I could have the pleasure of listening to your Aussie accent. Good fun. I think I need to go catch up with your other episodes now.
    And I *love* hearing your cats in the background.

    Comment by mrsfife | 13 February 2007

  24. Just wanted to say that I love your podcasts. I have just finished Podcast #3, so am behind. Around Christmas time, I was told about your podcast by a fellow knitter in the guild I belong to – Knitters of the North in Anchorage, Alaska.

    I commend you for spending $4,000 on your cat Tiger. That tells a lot about you. My husband and I spent $3200 on our cat Mystery in December. He had FUS and ended up having to have surgery which basically made him into a girl. But he doesn’t know that and he is alive and healthy now. He was a stray that we had only had 10 months, but we could not let him die. Strays with problems seem to be able to find the pathway to my door. We usually have 3 cats at a time, though we did have 4 at one time.

    Anyway, I love your podcast – your enthusiasm is rubbing off on me. I used to knit sweaters in high school. Well, that was 40 years ago and I have just gotten back into knitting in the last two years. I love knitting socks and have knit several pair of mittens and am now working on a baby sweater. I’ve also made scarves and a hat. I do love knitting socks though and will probably stick with that for awhile – though your podcasts may get me to try other things. Thank you. Karolynn Cechowski, Anchorage, Alaska

    Comment by Karolynn Cechowski | 20 February 2007

  25. I just started listening to your podcast, and really love it. I believe I am up to Episode 3 or 4 and felt I had to write, for two reasons. One is encouragement. Your podcast is a breath of fresh air. I feel as if I’m listening to an old friend … and it’s terrific. Second reason, I just heard you state that you just finished “a” sleeve for a jumper you are knitting. I’ve learned (after 125 years of knitting … give or take a year or two) that if you do the sleeves first — AND if you do the sleeve together at the same time, those boring appendages will be finished, out of the way, and exactly the same number of rows, etc. with no effort at all.

    I just wanted to share this with you. I knit, bead (needle weaving) and crochet, but my love for these hobbies is in that order. I just finished the Via Diagonale purse (I believe from Knitty) but am hooked on making socks. I prefer making these two-at-a-time on a 40″ needle (don’t know metric conversion) so I don’t suffer from second sock syndrome — and again — they are exactly the same. I also prefer toe-up — so the socks can be longer or shorter, depending on the amount of yarn I have.

    Keep up the good work.


    PS I believe I learned about you through Guido of “It’s a purl, man” … and am a member of the Long Island Knitting & Crochet Guild, an organization which you mentioned in one of your November podcasts.

    Comment by Alice | 25 February 2007

  26. Just listened to your pod cast today-Truly enjoy it! Hearing the cats in the background reminds me of what my cats have done to my yarn when I’m not around. Hope they don’t begin to torment your stash too!

    Living in Tennessee I don’t get the opportunity to knit with heavy wools so I am constantly interested as to what others knit that don’t have much cold weather. Sounds like the sleeveless cardigan you are knitting for your mom is a good idea for me also.

    Thank you for making your podcasts so interesting- I especially enjoyed the yarn factory episode- You felt as if you were right there with all of the machinery when you listened to it. Thank you and keep knitting! Melissa in Hendersonville Tennessee

    Comment by melissa Hinson | 27 February 2007

  27. David,
    I’m a big fan of your show! I would love it if you would check out my new website….
    I don’t currently have any male sweater patterns available, but those are coming in the near future.

    Comment by Lee Ellen Begelfer | 3 March 2007

  28. Hi David,

    An Aussie knitting podcast! I love it!

    Being in Perth myself it’s great to have an Australian perspective amongst all the international voices and exciting to hear you will be discussing events a little closer to home (I always feel so left out when there is mention of ‘knit outs’ and other events in the US on other podcasts).

    I’ve just listened to your first episode which I really enjoyed – you have a great voice & ‘podcast presence’. I’m saving the next few for later. 😀

    Thanks so much & keep up the great work,

    pen & purl.

    Comment by penandpurl | 12 March 2007

  29. Hi David,

    Love your show! Great to have an Australian voice out there amongst the international crowd. Living in Perth myself, I appreciate the info you provide about events and products a bit closer to home.

    Keep up the great work & thanks so much for your time & efforts.

    pen & purl

    Comment by penandpurl | 13 March 2007

  30. I listen to your podcasts while making the journey to Adelaide once a fortnight. It’s made driving in Adelaide traffic bearable! Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your show. It has had me in tears a few times as I remember how I first started to knit. My dad taught me when I was five and my mum had lost patience. Mum taught dad and Dad taught me. It’s one of the beautiful memories I have of childhood. My dad is now battling lung and renal cancer and I sit beside him often with my needles clicking it helps take my mind off the pain of knowing I am losing him and watching him in pain. May I suggest a show on Knitting through the hard times and the comfort it brings?
    TYhanks again for your brilliant show.

    Comment by Tracy | 25 March 2007

  31. (Sorry for the two comments above! I posted the first, but thought I’d inadvertently deleted it!)

    Comment by penandpurl | 28 March 2007

  32. Great job! As a recent knitter, it’s nice to know that other guys are out there doing the same. Thanks for the ideas, support, and all that. Started my own podcast this last winter from my library with my students on book reviews. I know the fun – and frustration – that comes with that. Good luck!

    Comment by Richard | 19 April 2007

  33. Hi David, I am very glad you podcast. As I am trying to finish my knitting, your stories and knitting experiences keep me interested and on target. I podcast as well, so I know how hard it is to jugle it all sometimes. But, with the encouragement of your listeners it is all worthwhile. I wanted to let you know that the time you spend preparing and recording your wonderful podcast is very well appreciated. It’s easy to take it for granted…cause it’s free for the listener. That’s why your page on how you podcast gives the endeavor context and lets people know how committed you are. Keep it coming – I for one, am very grateful for your podcast. I am looking forward to your upcoming series. Happy Knitting!

    Comment by Miriam Quinn | 24 April 2007

  34. I have been listneing since Christmas and really enjoy your podcast. I love your music choices. Let me just say “I missed you!”

    Comment by Beverly Shaw | 10 May 2007

  35. Hi from Alaska! I love your podcast!

    Comment by Suzanne | 10 May 2007

  36. hi David, have enjoyed your blog site. I am hosting an exhibition focussing on knitters who blog at the Craft ACT gallery in Canberra in July. if you check my blog site you can find out more and if interested email me. I hope to hear from you…

    Comment by Barbara McConchie | 23 May 2007

  37. David,

    I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts. I’m still catching up on past episodes, but look forward to listening to the next one on my commute home from my artist residency studio. I’m planning a trip to Australia in May, so I’ll be stalking fiber places once I know my itinerary.
    Thanks so much for putting the time into a knitting podcast for the rest of us to enjoy!

    Jan Smiley

    Comment by Jan Bode Smiley | 20 June 2007

  38. Greetings from Magnolia, DE, USA! Congratulations on a wonderful podcast each and every week. I am a knitter and a spinner, plus various other fiber arts like latchhooking and weaving. Thank you for the book and supply reviews. I had been considering the Knit Picks Options needle kit and ordered it after hearing your glowing review. Keep up the good work!

    Tammy Garland, fiber artist
    Tightly Wound By Tammy, LTD
    Magnolia, DE, USA

    Comment by Tammy Garland | 5 September 2007

  39. WOW!!! Luv your pod cast! I drive anywhere from 1500 miles to 6,000 when I go out to sell at Knit & Sewing trade shows across America, so on my last trip I downloaded 8 of your shows, lisened to them all in a row, I wanted to hear more!!! Super job!
    Would like to know about any Knit Shows in AU, that might be good to vend at?
    Good Cheers!

    Comment by gita maria sturm | 19 September 2007

  40. Mr. Reidy,

    You have provoked a thread on regarding the implement with a crochet hook at one end and a knitting needle on the other.

    -It has been posted that a “crohook” has a crochet hook at BOTH ends.
    -It has been posted that what you describe is a “croneedle”.
    -From what vendor have you ordered the thing?

    I enjoy your podcast.

    Joni Davis
    Asheville, North Carolina

    Comment by Joni | 2 October 2007

  41. Hi David!
    I’ve just discovered knitting podcasts and am presently working my way through all of yours. Since it is one of my favorites, I dole it out in small portions so that it will last awhile–like fine chocolate!

    I’ve been knitting since I was a small girl and actually, I’ve never known any male knitters so, I especially enjoy your perspective on a knitting life. Your observations have given me much to think about–even on such mundane subjects as the search for a knitting bag. Who knew?

    I also enjoy the little bits of side noise that are a part of your podcasts–that is, the cat sounds. I prefer to own dogs but, having lived with cats, I can appreciate how you must be content to reside in their world. I’m looking forward to the “Cat Spit Felting” show.

    Thanks for being such an entertaining knitting companion!

    A Maryland Knitter

    ps. Your fair isle is amazing! The color choices are extremely handsome so, please, no more self deprecating chatter about your sense of color.

    Comment by Trish | 10 October 2007

  42. Hi Dave, I’m an old knitter from way back knitting since I was 5. Born and raised in the UK and living now in beautiful Wisconsin USA. I have to say that HANDS DOWN !! you have the very best knitting podcast on the www and I’ve listened to countless podcasts. Many thanks for your comprehensive approach, the music , the essays, the knitting news, book reviews, tips…..just everything. I’m very inspired with your Henry project and your handiwork is brilliant. My cat Sangha perks up when he hears kitty sounds coming from the speakers…welove to hear all your background goings on and most of all the companionship of your friendly voice. The Blue Mountains sound beautiful, please post some photos of your surroundings.Again, many thanks for a fantastic podcast…

    Vivienne Rayner
    Delafield, Wisconsin

    Comment by Vivienne | 14 October 2007

  43. David,
    I have been knitting about 10 months, listening rabidly to podcasts for about 4 months and enjoying your lovely voice for 3 months. Your podcast is the perfect combination of chatting with a friend and being guided by a teacher. I love your essays and look forward to Monday when I can hear about your week, Henry and the cats. Thank you!

    Comment by Hayly | 15 October 2007

  44. David:
    I’m preparing to order an Addi Turbo Cro-hook. Please let me know if you still need a Cro-hook. I’d like to send it to you as a thank-you gift for the fine work you do in your podcast.

    Mesa, Arizona

    Comment by Leah | 17 October 2007

  45. Hi David,
    I found you through a number of knitting blogs. Hope you don’t mind me contacting you.
    I am a Melbourne artist, and I’m creating an installation for an art exhibition for the 2008 Midsumma Festival.
    I’m looking for Melbourne based knitters who would like to collaborate on this project with me and my artist partner Justine Wallace.
    In a nutshell, I am creating a satirical political installation that involves 50cm high models of world recognisable architectural structures, such as Big Ben, Empire State Building, Dubai Clock Tower, Taj Mahal, etc and I need clothing knitted for these structures, such as jumpers, beanies, scarves, ear muffs, etc. As I’m not a knitter, I’d love to work with queer folk that would like to create these gems.
    Would you be able to help me source people (preferably in Melbourne) that may be interested in participating in this project.
    Please email me if you can, names of Melbourne based GLBT knitting groups that you know of. Or, if anyone else is reading this on the blog, please contact me.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Danielle Karalus

    Comment by danielle | 19 October 2007

  46. Hi David,
    I’ve been listening to you for awhile and love the pleasant, friendly at home feel of your podcast. I imagine I am sitting on the couch behind you while you podcast with the cats on either side of me sleeping while I knit.
    You and Brenda (Dayne)have given me a cozy happy home with everything in place, a garden, sometimes raining and cold outside, hot tea in the pot and if I am lucky freshly baked scones on the side. Thank you for this cozy place where I feel at home.
    I was wondering are you considering attending Stitches West 2008 in Santa Clara, California?

    Comment by Patricia | 30 October 2007

  47. Hi David,

    I’ve been listening to your podcast for a few months last year, and being a fellow Aussie knitter, I must say it’s so nice to listen to another Aussie accent. So many of the resources I access are from overseas and I sometimes feel that there aren’t any others like me around in these parts!!! I’ve had troubles with i-Tunes for over 2 months (arrggghhh), and I’m looking forward to downloading and listening to what I’ve missed. Your podcast was the first thing I searched for and subscribed to when I got up and running again!!! Keep it up, your podcast is wonderful!!!


    Comment by Bec from Sydney! | 27 January 2008

  48. Hi David, so glad to find your podcast. I live in San Francisco, CA in the USA. I travel to the Blue Mtns every year to teach dance classes. I stay at a friends house in Hazelbrook and I must say that it is my favorite place on Earth! I’m so happy to hear you talk about local places and events there. makes me feel like I’m visiting.
    I have a simple question: I’ve started listening to the podcasts from the beginning and I’m wondering if there is an archive of links and notes for the earlier casts? I’ve looked around the site but don’t seem to be able to find it.
    Many thanks!

    Comment by Carolena | 30 January 2008

  49. Hi, David,
    I’m sitting in Roswell, Georgia, USA, checking out your bogs page, and wondering when your next podcast will appear, as it seems you’ve been away from us for awhile. I’ve been listening to you for a few months now, and love your podcasts, and I may be in withdrawls. I hope that all is well over there in AU. Enjoyed watching the tennis Open last week.
    Hope to hear from you soon ;-),

    Comment by Ellie | 30 January 2008

  50. Hi David,
    This is my first year teaching and second year knitting. Your podcasts have been my therapy! I’ve been listening to you for about the past year. I look forward to listening to your relaxing podcast each Saturday afternoon to get away from thinking about teaching so much. Thanks for creating 30-40 minutes of peace in my hectic life! I’m in Washington State (in the same town where Knit Picks is located, actually!) Any advice to a young, first year teacher and knitter?

    Comment by leah | 7 February 2008

  51. Hello! I just came across your podcast this week and have really been enjoying listening to all the back episodes. It’s been so cold here (in London, Ontario) this week that really, the only thing to do besides homework is hide inside with podcasts, tea, and knitting. Thanks for some great audio entertainment! =D

    Comment by Stephanie | 12 February 2008

  52. Hey sir 🙂 nice site

    Comment by andrew | 19 February 2008

  53. Hello David. I just caught up to the current episode of your podcast. It is wonderful! I have enjoyed each one. I have been knitting for years but mainly knit with lace or texture not color. Your pictures of Henry have inspired me to add some fair isle to my queue. I am knittingkrazy on ravelry.
    Haymarket, VA

    Comment by Jennifer Cleckner | 15 March 2008

  54. Hi Readers,
    I have not listened to the podcasts, I have just read the posts you have all made and the comments you have made on his ability to articulate and his friendly voice.

    I was a student of Davids and he was my favourite teacher. I probably never showed the respect I had for him though, I was never a good student, and that is a major understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed his classes, but I made things extremely difficult for him.

    Well I’ll get to the point. I just wanted you all to know that all your comments about him are true, he is truly friendly and highly intellectual. And I just wanted him to know that I respect him in the utmost.

    Cheers for putting up with me for all those years. 😀

    Comment by James | 23 March 2008

  55. I wanted to leave you a brief note to let you know how much I have enjoyed listening to your podcast. My work requires quite a bit of travel every month, and I usually save up the editions from each week and listed on the plane. However, I have become so addicted that I struggle to longer wait for my monthly trips. Thanks…..and I look forward to more! 🙂

    Comment by Cami | 1 April 2008

  56. Just found your podcast today and have already listened to the first 3. I will be subscribing for sure. Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into your shows. Hope you get lots of time for your own knitting.

    Cheers, Susie (Kent, England)

    Comment by reddawg | 19 April 2008

  57. Hi David:

    I discovered your podcast on ITunes a few months ago, and subscribed and started downloading current and archived podcasts. I listened to a new one and then the first few and now I am skipping around according to what seems interesting.

    I particularly like your podcast because the pace is relaxing and at the same time varied, which is what I am looking for as I make my way through dishes or chores, or when I sit and knit. The music is nicely interspersed so that you don’t feel it goes on for too long and I appreciate your music choices. The pace in general gives enough time for each feature, but changes at just the right time to avoid boredom. And I like to hear the cats’ activities in the background, making their own music.

    I also really like to hear about the garden and the creatures in the yard, and life in Australia. I love travel, real and armchair, and it’s great to do some armchair traveling to a part of the world I haven’t been able to visit yet.

    I look forward to working my way through both the current and the older podcasts.

    Burlington, Vermont, USA

    Comment by Kathleen Butler | 11 May 2008

  58. Love the show, thanks so much for putting it together. Just finished listening to #83 where you asked for ideas for interviewees. How about Susan Gibbs of Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm? She started the world’s first yarn CSA and it’s just amazing. I got my shipment of yarn (which is fabulous) all from sheep I watched via the internet all year long. Great story there for you.

    Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes,
    The Woodlands, TX, USA

    Comment by mira | 24 November 2008

  59. Hi David!

    I have been listening to you Podcast for over a year now…. first heard about it when discovering Cast On. You’re just wonderful… thank you so much for your podcast.

    I just finished listening to Episode 84 and you asked why the day after American Thanksgiving is called Black Friday. I am a Black Friday devotee – yes, I’m one of those people who get’s in line at 4am, along with my Mom and sister – so I thought I’d share with you why it’s called Black Friday. The massive amounts of shopping on that day as the supposed start of the Christmas shopping period is supposed to generate enough revenue to put the retailers from being “in the red” to being “in the black” hence “Black Friday.”

    I know it sounds ominous, but it’s actually a joke/reference to the accounting terms of being in the red (in debt) or in the black (in profit).

    Hope this helps!


    Comment by Susan | 31 December 2008

  60. Hello David,
    I found your podcast on the Zune website, I like listening to Cast-On as well. Brenda has some great podacasts but it is wonderful to hear from another man in the knitting world. I have only heard your December 2008 podcasts and I am already impressed. The “T” essay was brilliant!!!! As with some many aspects of knitting it can be applied to the rest of life as well. I too am an EZ devotee’, I began with her Knitter Almanac and went from there. I recently acquired a copy of the Opinionated Knitter before it can no longer be gotten…Schoolhouse Press is going to discontinue it, at least for a while. I have a few of Meg’s books as well and just love them. I am now somewhat spoiled now, I tend to do everything in the round, top-down, no seams and when I cast off I’m finished. I have a background in costume and theater work so the making-up of things doesn’t bother me it’s just that by the time one finishes all pieces and you think you are finished….you see you are not and have more to do. I have only been knitting 4-5 years and am self taught…thank you Lion Brand knitting kit!!!
    Have a Happy New Year and I look forward to hearing more of your podcasts.

    Comment by Rich | 16 January 2009

  61. David,
    I just discovered your podcast and am currently working my way through each and every one of them. Wonderful show, really. I’ve gotten in hours of knitting while listening to you. Please keep it up.
    from Nashville, TN

    Comment by Brooke M. | 16 February 2009

  62. Just heard of you for the first time and found your podcast very interesting!
    I, like you, am involved in education, I teaching assistant in the UK, but in a primary school, so what you said about the Australian school system was very enlightening. I am also a knitter and have taught children in school, to knit in the past.
    I am also the mother of three girls, one married, one at uni in London (jewellery degree) and one living at home and attending college, but what excites me most is that they all enjoy knitting and crochet!
    All the best with all your endevours! I am sure you are a great teacher!

    Comment by caroline | 27 February 2009

  63. Greetings David from Media, PA, USA. I’m retired from law-enforcement and work part-time at an animal hospital. I grew up crocheting, but am teaching myself to knit. It’s not easy, but I’m enjoying the challenge. My youngest son bought me an ipod. He thought it would help keep his mother company now that he’s away in school. Somehow Icame across your show. Your accent caught my attention, but I listen because I really enjoy your easy going conversation and topics. I just watched the movie Australia. I enjoyed it much, and understood it as well as I myself am bi-racial. Don’t know if you saw the film, but I thought I heard your show’s theme in the background.
    Keep up the good work. I will be listening!

    Comment by Lynne | 8 March 2009

  64. Greetings from lovely green (right now snowy)Oregon. A friend told me about your podcast and now I can’t STOP!! I have gone back to the first show and I think I am now in the 30’s. I will be upset when I have to wait a week between because I now listen to several a day. I work in a laboratory and spend a lot of time at a microscope and listening to my iPod. My husband is working on a llama ranch in the mountains about 100 miles from here, and yesterday I was on my way home from a visit and got stuck in a traffic jam and snowstorm for nearly two hours–fortunately I had my knitting in the car and made some great progress even though I wasn’t traveling. AND I was listening to you as well! Keep it up and don’t feel bad about the kitty noises—they are delightful. I have 5 of my own! One is an Abyssinian, three are Siamese and one is just alley. They “help” me knit and spin, of course. Thanks again for a great show and lots of inspiration. Post photos of your place–sounds lovely!

    Comment by Anne D. | 17 March 2009

  65. Hi David!

    The podcasts are so wonderful, you do a fabulous job… Any chance you could tell me how I can download previous podcasts onto my new computer (mac) into itunes? I am looking forward to downloading them to my mobile phone and listening to all the knit-talk whenever and wherever I like!

    Hope to catch up with you at the Guild sometime soon! I still haven’t made a baby surprise jacket for my new (7 month old) baby boy Abe… Hopeless.

    I bought my first Elizabeth Zimmerman book the other day and thought of you. Isn’t her writing style a hoot?!

    Keep up the great and inspiring work!

    Best wishes,

    Jodi (up the mountains in Katoomba!)

    Comment by Jodi | 17 March 2009

  66. Hi David!

    Don’t mind me… I’ve just worked it out!


    Comment by Jodi | 17 March 2009

  67. Hi…I discovered your podcast through Lime and Violet and am now a susbscriber. I really look forward to your essays each episode. Some have been particularly meaningful to me: Wrapping Paper, Time to Imagine, and Black Jelly Beans. Thank you so much for providing such a great podcast. I often listen to you while I am on the treadmill at the gym (to make it more ‘fun’), while walking the dog, or when I am commuting to/from work an hour each way. It really helps pass the time. Plus, if I can’t knit, then I can at least listen to you talk about knitting (which is almost as much fun).

    Laurie Miller
    Dumfries, VA USA

    Comment by Laurie Miller | 28 March 2009

  68. I just found your podcast last week and since my SON just took up knitting, I wanted to find a man who knits for him to listen to. I, of course, listen to a lot of podcasts about knitting, but as you know, they are mostly done by women… The fact that I can listen to, what to me, is an exotic accent, is all the better! I have a friend who lives even further west of you in NSW (Wagga Wagga) and I have been there, so even though I am a “yankee” (Northern Illinois, USA, near Chicago) I know the area and consider it pretty much my second home!

    Comment by Kristen | 30 March 2009

  69. Thank you for 100 great shows! I usually listen to your show while I’m walking to the subway, on the subway, and walking home, or sometimes while I’m sitting at the park on my lunch break watching the dogs in the dog run and knitting my current project. I hope you stick around for another 100 more.

    Comment by angelina | 7 April 2009

  70. Hi, I’ve just started listening to your show and really enjoy it. Right now I’m still listening to Series 1 and you’re working on Series 10. I have a lot to catch up with and looking foward to listening to them. Have a great week!

    Comment by Carrie | 21 July 2009

  71. I forgot some information. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, US and I’ve been knitting for just over 20 years. I don’t just knit but enjoy other forms of string torture (crochet, sewing, embroidery, tatting…)

    Comment by Carrie | 22 July 2009

  72. Found your podcast recently and am now in the process of listening to them all. I appreciate how you review all things: books, yarn, needles. But most of all I love that you are not affiliated with a shop so there are no “sales pitches” – other than things that you personally love. Please don’t stop, your podcast fits a niche that no others do.

    Comment by Jan Jones | 21 August 2009

  73. Hello!

    I recently purchased an iPod touch. What does that have to do with your show? Well, I asked around my friends for their favorite podcasts and my friend, Kristin, gave me your podcast as one of hers. I downloaded several of your podcasts onto my iPod touch and I love it! I’m still trying to catch up on all of your podcasts – and sometimes feel behind, but I know I’ll soon be up to date!

    I don’t know if you are also an Aussie Rules Footy fan, but I’m a recent convert (3 seasons). I watch one game a week – love the Western Bulldogs, Collingwood Pies & Geelong Cats. My boyfriend is a fan of Sydney Swans.

    Back to knitting…I’m also a relatively new knitter too. I learned to knit from a colleague about five years ago…still discovering the joys of different levels of knitting prowess. Love Noro yarn…

    I wish you many years of great podcasts!

    Susan Roberts
    Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

    Comment by Susan | 24 February 2010

  74. Hello, I just found your podcast on Saturday and I must say that I absolutely love it! I’ve started at the beginning and have already listened to the first 8. Really appreciate your down-to-earth manner and your coverage of the topic.

    Amanda in Houston, TX

    Comment by Amanda | 15 June 2011

  75. Hi!
    I’ve recently discovered your podcast and have started from the beginning. I listen to it in the car with my son, who’s in grade 1.
    I love the Aussie accent. He loves the music and that you’re a “Boy Knitter”.

    I tried to click the link for Lime & Violet, unfortunately it didn’t work. I have heard them mentioned on a few podcasts now and wanted to check them out. Just so that you are aware.

    Thank you for the cast and keep it up!

    Comment by misstashknits | 18 June 2011

  76. Hi – I’ve just recently found your podcast (by way of Stitch-It!, I believe) and am making my way through. Episode 27 is playing as I type. I am really enjoying listening – there is an easy flow and friendliness to your podcasts that makes it so easy to just let them run through, and luckily, I can listen at work too ! The content is very informative and the music so far is great (thanks so much for keeping it at the same level as the speaking parts of the podcast). Love the music you use to open and close – I went looking for the title of it, but couldn’t find it although I’m sure you’ve mentioned it at some point.

    My Mom taught me to knit when I was 5 and I’ve picked it up and put it down over the years. These days I’m mostly working on socks but there is a new project just going on the needles – a sweater for my brother based loosely on one he saw in the store. My first attempt at knitting without a pattern – oh boy – we’ll cross our fingers and hope it turns out – LOL.

    Looking forward to the rest of your podcasts.
    Claire in Montreal, Canada

    Comment by Claire S. | 14 February 2012

  77. David,
    A coworker mentioned your podcast to me, since I am a knitter. I also decided to start with episode one. I am currently on Show 155. I enjoy listening to you. The cats purring makes me smile. Keep up the good work.

    Did you ever finish the jumper you were knitting with the Dungeons and Dragons dice?

    Keep up the good work. I will be sad when I catch up and have to wait between episodes.

    Donna , Alexandria, Va

    Comment by Donna Sachs | 25 February 2012

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