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Show 150 – Bushells

Thanks to everyone who has been in contact.
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What’s happening
Carolina Fiber Frolic Charlestown South Carolina
Courthouse Stitch’n’Bitch Every Sunday at the Courthouse Hotel Newtown 1:30pm
NSW Knitters Guild (Blue Mountains Division) 3rd Saturday of each month at the Blaxland Community Centre
Sydney Sity Klickers Every second Saturday at Barmuda, Australia Street Newtown

This show’s music
Daniel Estrem Prelude – Le tombeau de Couperin (Magnatune)

Ravel on Guitar and Ukulele by Daniel Estrem

You can contact me at david AT sticksandstring DOT com DOT au or
podcast AT sticksandstring DOT com DOT au
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5 December 2010 - Posted by | knitting


  1. Hey there! I am on top of this weeks episode. Listening to it right away when it showed up in my RSS feed.

    Am I wrong, but I don’t see if there is a link to the magazine you are reviewing right now. Was there supposed to be?

    Cheers! Fern

    Comment by Fern Delaney | 6 December 2010

  2. HI David,
    just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your podcast. I’ve been listening to it for a long time and enjoy your consistently upbeat approach to life.

    Comment by Carol (rududu) | 6 December 2010

  3. Hi David – fabulous essay! It’s a topic that irks me every time it comes up – why does it seem to some people that they’re being deliberately excluded or hurt in some way if a cultural symbol other than their own is shown or brought up?? It’s not axiomatic that if I show my symbol that I’m making any comment at all on anyone else’s!! So bravo!!

    Comment by Linda Healey | 9 December 2010

  4. I almost always agree with all your essays, but this time I didn’t and wanted to explain why. Living in Australia maybe a little thing like saying “merry christmas” isn’t as fraught as it is in the US. Here, anyone who isn’t christian is treated like an outsider by a certain kind of person, and saying “happy holidays” is a way of acknowledging that whatever you celebrate is just fine, and I’m not that certain kind of person. Here, insisting on saying “merry christmas” doesn’t just mean, “I celebrate christmas and I wish you happiness of the season,” it very often means that the speaker is a person who is aggressive about asserting that celebrating christmas is the only way to go. Sad that it’s been co-opted that way, sort of like displaying the American flag has been co-opted. I’m not expressing myself very well as I’m a bit under the weather, but I did want to say that the issue you were addressing is a bit different here than it may be in your more tolerant nation.

    Comment by fotyc | 17 December 2010

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