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Show 140 – Next week, sorry

Hi all,

Show 140 will have to wait until next week. I spent yesterday handing out “How to Vote” cards and then scrutineering the count after the polls closed. Then I had to spend a good deal of last night trying to work out if people were as self-centred and stupid as I feared (unfortunately it appears those fears may have been justified – although nothing is finalised yet) so as a result, I haven’t had time to do an essay (or the ironing, or vacuuming, or any of those other weekend jobs). One ray of light though is that it appears that the Greens (that’s who I was doing stuff for yesterday) will hold the balance of power in the new Parliament, so perhaps we’ll see some intelligent and compassionate policies (although I’m not going to hold my breath).

To whet your appetites for next week – a package has arrived from The Unique Sheep” and I’ll hold off my curiosity and open it on the show next week.

So until then, Carpe Lanam.


22 August 2010 - Posted by | knitting

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  1. thanks for letting us know about the delay. 🙂

    It gives me a chance to listen to last weeks show 🙂

    Hope that the election went the way you want 🙂

    Thanks too for all you do to put on a GREAT show!

    TTFN 🙂

    Kelly D < 🙂 aka dizneluver on Ravelry

    Comment by Kelly D | 22 August 2010

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