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Show 120 – True knitting

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The show’s going to be on a break until February 2010 (details in the show) so thanks so much to every one who has helped out with the current series.

What’s happening
Aoteoroa Mens Knitting Retreat (New Zealand) See below
Courthouse Stitch’n’Bitch Every Sunday at the Courthouse Hotel Newtown 1:30pm
NSW Knitters Guild (Blue Mountains Division) 3rd Saturday of each month at the Blaxland Community Centre
Sydney Royal Easter Show Knitting Competition Get your entries in!
Sydney Sity Klickers Every second Saturday at Barmuda, Australia Street Newtown

This show’s music
Fernwood Kalyan (Magnatune)

From the bottom of the knitting bag
Wacky baby knits : 20 knitted designs for the fashion conscious toddler by Alison Jenkins (link)

Sangita by Fernwood

Fancy a bit of fibre fun in the Wellington region at the tail end of the Southern Summer?!?

I’ve got a great line up of events planned for you including a trip to Experience Stansborough, a working sheep farm, a local yarn manufacturer, and Craft 2.0 a modern craft event. You’ll also get to take part in workshops led by Men, a knitting themed quiz night, go on a yarn crawl and still have plenty of time to just and sit and knit in the company of other Men.

Our venue is the Silverstream Retreat Complex nestled in the Hutt Valley which is only a short drive along the Hutt Motorway from Wellington City. More specifically we’ll be staying in the Stonewall Lodge (I don’t expect there to be a riot but we should be able to manage some riotous fun!). The complex was originally built for the United States Armed Forces stationed in New Zealand during the 1940’s and 1950’s. It is a substantial complex which is currently being renovated but the great news for us is that the Stonewall Lodge renovation is already complete and features comfortable share twin accommodation which overlooks the beautiful Hutt River and Manor Park Golf Course.

How much will this cost I hear you say… well here is the fee price breakdown per person
$250.00 – Share twin accommodation and meals from Thurs afternoon to Sunday morning
$ 23.00 – Admin Fee (for planning and execution time)
$ 22.00 – Experience Stansborough entry fee
$ 10.00 – PayPal Fees (this is fee is 3% and is charged when you transfer money via PayPal)
$ 5.00 – Teaching stipend (It’s only fair to compensate instructors for their efforts)
$ 5.00 – Sundry supplies (binders, paper, pens, etc)
$ 5.00 – Printing fees (Handouts for classes)
NZ $320.00 GRAND TOTAL (does NOT include air fare, petrol, shuttles, etc.)
That equates to approx US$ 220.00 or AUS$ 270.00 on current exchange rates. (21/Oct/09)

Check-In Time will be from 3pm on the Thursday and Check Out will be lunch time on Sunday. As an optional extra (and if you just don’t want to say good bye just yet) after we check out you’re welcome to travel to Greytown where I live and attend a Men’s only meeting of the Sunday KNIT-Tea knitting group in the garden at my home, Scarlet Oak Cottage. You will have plenty of time to sit and knit, check out J.O.Y. as well as the other shops in Greytown before heading back to Wellington. To confirm your place at the Retreat I need to receive your payment in full by February 6th. I will be required to pay a sizeable deposit to the venue within the next month so don’t hesitate to register and pay ASAP. If you have paid but have to cancel you can get a full refund provided you notify me of your cancellation by February 6th 2010. After that date the accommodation and meal costs are non-refundable but I will be able to refund you the balance of the fee which will be NZ$70.

If you need any more information about the Retreat or have any questions just reply to this thread or you’re welcome to contact me directly through Ravelry (KiwiJames) or by e-mail jamesherbison(at)gmail(dot)com

I’m excited already and I hope you will be too! Testosterone and yarn are a great match.
(Kiwi) James

You can contact me at david AT sticksandstring DOT com DOT au or
podcast AT sticksandstring DOT com DOT au
I’m on Ravelry as DavidReidy.
My Amazon wish list is here.
I’m sure that you know to replace the at with AT with @ and DOT with . but maybe the spam bots won’t.

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8 November 2009 - Posted by | knitting


  1. hi David;
    Just wanted to say thanks, as a fairly new (one year ago) subscriber. I enjoy your podcast very much, particularly the essays and choice of music and the quiet humour you inject. Will look forward to the Feb. resumption and best wishes for your medical procedure.
    Michele in Canada

    Comment by michele | 9 November 2009

  2. just wanted to say that I always enjoy your podcast so I hope everything goes well with your surgery and you are able to come back better than ever after the holidays. If there is anything I can help with from the US please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Comment by Cat Humphreys | 9 November 2009

  3. I just wanted to say that I hope everything goes smoothly with your surgery, etc, and can’t wait for you to be healed up and back on the podcast. It’s one of my very favorites (not why you should come back soon, just saying…) But really, I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. Take care!

    Comment by Angelina | 29 November 2009

  4. Good luck with the surgery. Nice to hear of a country with successful health care!

    Comment by Pepper | 29 November 2009

  5. Hope your surgery is uneventful and wishing you a speedy recovery. I enjoy your podcast very much. Enjoy your break.

    Comment by Susan Blanding-Wilson | 30 November 2009

  6. Hello, David. I have been thinking about you and hope your surgery went well and that you are beginning to bounce back. We hope all goes well with your recovery as well.

    Best wishes. We miss you.

    Comment by Pattie in Vermont | 7 December 2009

  7. I hope that all goes well with your surgery. You’ll be missed over the next months.

    Comment by Joanne | 15 December 2009

  8. Husband Dave and I are missing you and wondering how you’re doing. Hope all is well and best wishes for 2010.

    Comment by Cathy Bliss | 27 December 2009

  9. I am a bit behind with listening to your podcast and have just heard episode 120. I wanted to see how your doing after your surgery, but I can’t find any update about it. I hope you are doing well and the surgery went fine.
    Greetings from a Dutch listener (and all the best wishes for 2010!)

    Comment by Ina | 3 January 2010

  10. I hope you are doing well….your podlisteners miss you!

    Comment by david | 5 January 2010

  11. David,
    Have you had the surgery? And how are you feeling? I miss the podcasts. Hope everything went well and that you had good holidays!

    Comment by Connie | 18 January 2010

  12. I miss your podcasts very much. I enjoy listening to tales of your knitting, the knitting community of Australia and the cats adventures. Get well soon, and come back to us.

    Comment by Cindy Upholzer | 18 January 2010

  13. I, too, have been looking for an update on your surgery. How did it go? Missing you and hoping that all is well.

    Comment by Debbie | 19 January 2010

  14. Hi David:
    Thinking of you and hoping that everything is going well. Miss your podcast.

    Comment by Ruth | 26 January 2010

  15. We hope you are feeling well….good thoughts and prayers comin your way!!

    Comment by david | 3 February 2010

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