Sticks & String

A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Show 115 – The one without the essay

If you’d like to take up the Audible offer of a free trial account and a free book, click here. And thanks to Audible for sponsoring the show this week.
The reason for no essay is simple, I was playing the keyboard at a concert with Michael Jackson (you’ll have to listen to find out eactly how that happened).
The Minnesota Knitters’ Guild event detail are
The Rams 3 Sock Club is available from The Unique Sheep.

What’s happening
Courthouse Stitch’n’Bitch Every Sunday at the Courthouse Hotel Newtown 1:30pm
NSW Knitters Guild (Blue Mountains Division) 3rd Saturday of each month at the Blaxland Community Centre
Studio 49 Retreat 16-18 October, Sonora CA, USA
Studio 49 Retreat 16-18 October, Sonora CA, USA
Sydney Sity Klickers Every second Saturday at Barmuda, Australia Street Newtown

This show’s music
Alma Nova Ikindija (Magnatune)

After Hours by AlmaNova

You can contact me at david AT sticksandstring DOT com DOT au or
podcast AT sticksandstring DOT com DOT au
I’m on Ravelry as DavidReidy.
My Amazon wish list is here.
I’m sure that you know to replace the at with AT with @ and DOT with . but maybe the spam bots won’t.

Click here to play the show using your computer’s audio player.


20 September 2009 - Posted by | knitting


  1. Hello David, I have followed your podcast since the beginning. Always enjoyed a bit of chit chat about cats, your backyard and school etc. but mostly waited to hear about all aspects of your knitting. Recently, by the time you’ve devoted so much time to promoting, played a very long music piece and chatted about everything else under the sun, would it be fair to say yours is not actually a knitting podcast anymore.

    Comment by v rayner | 21 September 2009

  2. hello David,
    Your podcast is in my top 3. I usually listen when I am on my early morning walk. On the recent podcast when you were recording outside the bird noises really startled me. I thought we had new STRANGE birds in Illinois! Then I realized the sound was coming from your backyard. It took me aback several times. I have to say those Australian birds can really let out a loud SQUAUK when they want to.

    Paula, central Illinois, USA

    Comment by Paula | 22 September 2009

  3. Hi David! I just wanted to remind you that your podcast is the best of all of the podcasts available…THE BEST. I would rather listen to one of your podcasts over and over again than listen to anyone else’s. I don’t know how you do it, but your example of dedication motivates me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for (approaching) three years of podcasting. You have kept me company on long drives, in snarled traffic and on several dark cold days when my spirits were low.

    You are THE BEST
    ****THANK YOU****

    Comment by Ricki Selva | 5 October 2009

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