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A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Midweek update – 18 April

Well, the Easter Show is over, and I’ve got some wonderful interviews about all sorts of fun stuff (2 hours unedited) for series 3.

I owe some big thank yous to lots of people. Firstly to Scout of Scout’s Swag for the Sticks & String colourway yarn. It’s red and yellow and orange and blue and it’s wonderful to work with. There’ll be much more detail in the coming shows, and a success in the bloke knitting bag search. Lee of Yarn Over Lounge sent me a care package with some yarns from around the world, some of her patterns and bits and pieces, and their wonderful, so thanks to Lee too.

Today I spent an hour at Belgrave Park Alpacas with Julia who’s visiting from Boston, I spent a little bit on some lovely 4-ply alpaca yarn from Jillian and her very friendly alpacas. It’s a wonderful farm run on biodynamic principles and with a huge area to run around in, the alpacas looked very happy and the crias were so cute. If you find yourself around the Blue Mountains, give Jillian a call and have a  farm visit – she has fleece, yarn and wonderful finished garments, and you can visit the animals too.

Thanks also to everyone who has sent stories for the new series, there’s some wonderful stories which will make up parts of the shows. Planning is coming along, and the first show will be up on 5 May (not 3 May as I said in the last show, that’s a Thursday).


18 April 2007 - Posted by | knitting


  1. I, too, am one of those silent listener’s who has been enjoying your podcast for some time, and so look forward to your return after the break. Have you heard about “Rwanda Knits”? Please check out their website: and see if you agree that helping these wonderful people in their knitting endeavors may be worth mentioning on your podcast.

    Comment by Pallas | 19 April 2007

  2. Hi David,
    I found your podcast a month or so ago and I am finally up to date. That means listening to you during my “hikes” across campus (grad school), and during my daily workouts at the gym. I enjoy your podcasts very much and I look forward to becoming a regular, up-to-date, listener.
    The knitting community, either local or through the internet, is pretty amazing.
    Thanks for all of your hard work!
    Blogless in Massachusetts

    Comment by deidre | 19 April 2007

  3. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    And I forgot to get back to you about when we can *talk*. Email me and let me know what works best for you. We’ll have to work around the time difference!

    Comment by scout | 19 April 2007

  4. Heavens! It’s deadly quiet around here. Roll on May 5th – I miss hearing the cats jingle, and I just found something I can actually knit as I listen to the podcast, using Touch yarns which is a gorgeous lovely soft New Zealand made and dyed 2 ply. OK so its still a really easy scarf pattern but its holey with yarn overs and I started in while my partner was doing the NZ Oxfam Trailwalker 100kms in 29hrs 39 mins. Not enough to finish but, hey, I got started %-)

    I still finding it easier to crochet as I listen though……

    Winter approaches here and I am considering decamping to Brisbane for the good of my health. (I can’t cope with Sydney it was wet when we visited very, very, VERY, wet). In the meantime, having learned how to do a yarn over I can also finish my Rowan Big Wool cardigan. Rocket science my knitting, can’t you tell!!!!

    Come back soon, and keep the cats (oh, and yourself, well)

    Comment by Marjorie | 19 April 2007

  5. Hi David,

    Just found your site. So, many of us out there. I have just started a local knitting club in Shellharbour (Sth coast) NSW. Our first meet will be May 12th & then the 2nd Sat. of the month 2-4pm at The Whitehouse Cafe, Addison St, Shellharbour. So, if you know anyone down this way please let them know or if your ever around come in & see us.

    Roslyn Hemmings

    Comment by Roslyn Hemmings | 24 April 2007

  6. Hi I’m new to blogging so may not get the protocol right. I live in Calif and will be visiting Sydney and Brisbane in June. Any yarn shop recommendations? We’re driving up the east coast so anything between sydney and Brisbane would be nice. I’m sorry we won’t have time to go to the Blue Mountains; may be next year as we go to Brisbane at least once a year

    Comment by Marya | 1 May 2007

  7. I love your show and miss it. It seems that this break has been longer and more quiet than the last. I eagerly await the return of your podcast. It is really well done, informative, and fun. Please be encouraged to continue. The US government considers every letter received to be representative of 1000 voters who don’t write. If that is true, 1000 listeners are saying, “Well done. Don’t stop, please.”

    Comment by Orghlaith | 3 May 2007

  8. Just started to listen to your casts and I’m really enjoying them. Haven’t got up to date yet but I’m getting there.

    Thanks for providing so many hours of entertainment. I listen on my way to and from work and during routine tasks at work.

    I’ll write you more as once I’ve listened to the rest of your casts.

    Comment by Jo | 4 May 2007

  9. I’m looking forward to your return. I really enjoy your show.

    Comment by Wanda | 6 May 2007

  10. Hi David,
    have to say that I’m loving the podcasts all the way over here in Northern Ireland.

    I’ve just picked up the knitting needles, crochet hook, nancy and every other fibre craft gadget you can think of after a 24yr lull. And how much fun am I having? What’s more, these re-discovered pleasures are even sweeter, as I’m just embarking on an 8 week recouperation period after major surgery, so all this yarn twiddling time is completely guilt free!

    My husband, Andy, found your site and downloaded your podcasts for me on the off chance that I would be interested and that I’d enjoy listening to them whilst in hospital. Imagine my joy when I heard that you live in the Blue Mountains (one of my fave places in the world)and that you’re hanging out in Newton, my home back in 1994. The familiar sounds and descriptions mixed with your musings on interesting yarn-type nothings gently eased my nerves though my hospital stay. So ta for that.

    But all this loveliness has a slightly odd side to it. As your podcasts lulled me through my dips in and out of conciousness (I used them to blot out all the rather distressing sounds that accompany any hospital stay) I think a few of my neuro linguistical pathways were tangling.
    I started shooing the cats off my hospital bed and worrying that I’d dropped stitches whilst falling asleep. Andy even caught me chatting with you about sticks and string! So now I’m not sure how much of your podcasts were your experiences and how much of it really happened to me back in my Sydney days. False memory syndrome here we come!

    So that makes me the 1st listener that you’ve sent truly mad. Congrats! I shall try to apply this madness creatively. Who knows what will spring from my needles now.

    Keep up the podcasts, as I’m really enjoying them. I promise only to listen to them whilst I’m wide awake and completely morphine free from now on.

    Comment by inga hamilton | 8 May 2007

  11. Hello David:
    I just found your podcast and have only listened to shows 7 through 10, but will now go back and listen to all the previous shows and then the future shows.
    I find your podcast very informative, like the book reviews and fibre finds! I, too, am a fan of EZ and have knit 6 Rib Warmers and her simple baby sweater from Knitter’s Almanac. Wouldn’t you love to sit and have tea/wine/beer with her?
    When I first heard the cats, I almost thought my dogs were scrabbling in something – now I think I am getting used to them.
    How did the pockets work out in your Mom’s cardi? I might try that method when I knit a sweater with a pocket. Sounds great!
    Keep up the good work and you sound great here in Canada. Love your Aussie wines too!

    Comment by Peg | 14 May 2007

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