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A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Midweek update – 11 April

It’s been a busy week so far. The Royal Easter Show continues in full swing with the alpacas going home and the merinos and other sheep moving in. Today I had a tour of the knitting exhibits with Ann Westrin of the Hand Knitter’s Guild, she spoke in detail about many of the garments on display and, provided I can get them all photographed on Saturday, those segments will feature in series 3.

Wednesday afternoon was spent helping out at the Richard Glover challenge, an annual event that raises money for the Far West Childrens Health Scheme. This years challenge was to take cotton from the bush, gin it, card, spin and ply it, then weave a tea towel with the cotton, then have it decorated by Ken Done and finally auctioned off. Last year’s jam sandwich (which started as wheat, a cow and strawberries) raised $1800. The tea towel, which was finished on schecule, was sold for $5,000. Not bad for three hours work. I’m sure there’ll be photos and things up on Richard Glover’s page in the next day or two.

I have one more day planned at the show, talking with some cashmere people, and perhaps some sheep people if I can find some.


12 April 2007 - Posted by | knitting


  1. “I have one more day planned at the show, talking with some cashmere people, and perhaps some sheep people if I can find some.” I love your podcast. And I look forward to seeing what cashmere and sheep people look like. Hairy, most likely.

    Comment by Orghlaith | 12 April 2007

  2. Looks like your week has been Pretty busy!
    Looking forward to your next show. Finally caught up on all your episodes…. I think.

    Comment by dragonmommie | 13 April 2007

  3. Hi, David.
    I’ve been thinking about “local knitting” and America. Are quilts an “american” thing? There’s a traditional quilt construction called “log cabin” and the Mason-Dixon Knitting authors (among others) include a knitted version in their book. Perhaps they would have some interesting things to say on this topic? I occasionally read their blog here: masondixonknitting (dot) com

    Comment by Deborah (a.k.a. Mt. Mom) | 13 April 2007

  4. just popping in to say that I really enjoy your podcast. So nice to have an informative, interesting podcast with Aussie content. I appreciate your efforts.

    Can you tell me if you have pictures of your knitting projects anywhere. I’d love to see Bella’s Norgie jumper and your Mum’s sleeveless job. ;o)

    Thanks again for your podcast. This Aussie is lovin’ it.

    Comment by Dot | 16 April 2007

  5. I’ve included Sticks & Strings in my Podcast-isms Match-up Game. Enjoy!

    Comment by Sally, The Fearless Knitter | 17 April 2007

  6. Hello David, hope your vacation is going well. If you come back before May 11th, Could you let your listeners know that We are having a Fiber festival here in Bellevue Nebraska USA, on the 11th -13th of May. Interested parties can contact me by the e mail provided, or by phone, 402 319 6133.
    Thanks in advance and I can’t wait till you come back,
    Tonya Leach-Trickel

    Comment by Tonya Leach-Trickel | 23 April 2007

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