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A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Show 17 – The Guild

The new theme is from Michelle Griffin – thanks very much Michelle.

The Yarn over Lounge (link)
Pamela’s Blog is here
Moonlight Stitches Podcast (link)
The manly skein competition is here.
The Harlot’s outpost in Canberra (link) (The 22nd not the 18th as I said on the show.)

What’s happening
121st Hawkesbury Show   Get your entries in for this year’s show by 5 April.
Courthouse Stitch’n’Bitch   Every Sunday at the Courthouse Hotel Newtown 1:30pm
Knitters Connection   A knitting event that features Sally Melville, Cat Bordhi and 10 other knitting teachers teaching 35 classes June 6 – 10 2007 at the Hyatt Regency Columbus
NSW Knitters Guild (Blue Mountains Division)   3rd Saturday of each month at the Blaxland Community Centre
Sydney Royal Easter Show   Sydney’s most prestigious knitting competition.
Sydney Sity Klickers   Every second Saturday at Barmuda, Australia Street Newtown

This show’s music
Kelly Cavagnuolo    Rebecca’s Theme     ( Podsafe)

From the bottom of the knitting bag
Stranded Colour Knitting  by Nanette Blanchard (link)
Wild About Colour Knitting Patterns  by Nanette Blanchard (link)

You can contact me at david AT sticksandstring DOT com DOT au or
podcast AT sticksandstring DOT com DOT au
I’m sure that you know to replace the at with AT with @ and DOT with . but maybe the spam bots won’t.

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18 March 2007 - Posted by | knitting


  1. You’re very welcome, David.

    (Can you tell I’ve been haunting the site, waiting for the new show to appear?)

    Comment by Michelle | 18 March 2007

  2. Hi David,
    that was such an apt and well timed essay for me – more than you would believe. Thank you very much.
    ( Love the new intro too. Michelle’s blog is here)

    Comment by Kate | 19 March 2007

  3. Thanks for another episode of my favorite podcast! You are the best, David! Thanks for doing the podcast and keep it up! I look forward to them! Thanks for the perspective on knitting guilds. Congrats on your progress on Bella’s sweater. Keep knitting and podcasting!!!

    Comment by Sue | 19 March 2007

  4. I’m so excited that you read my knitting story. I sent a link to your podcast to my granddaughter, Ella. She’s know known around the world. How exciting.
    I almost missed the story. I was fast-forwarding through the music (it’s not that I don’t like your music, but to save time I usually skip it) and heard the part about “giving her a turn on the spinning wheel and knitting in SC.” I thought that sounded like “ME” and it was. I replayed for my husband (not a pod cast listener of any sort) and he enjoyed it too.
    Thank you for making the knitting world smaller.

    Comment by Cindy | 20 March 2007

  5. Thanks for the mention of your listener in Kz — alas, I’m not a member of the STR club but right now would be tearing my hair out if I were. I have a broken arm, with no cast, so knitting is possible right now only for EXTREMELY simple knit and purl stitches. I also taught myself to knit continental which helps, but I can manage about 10 minutes at a stretch. 6 more weeks or more to go, too. But all in all, it’s just a broken arm. Am able to do some of www surfing, so I’ll check out all your links.

    I continue to enjoy your podcasts very much, and YAY! for you being on the “what’s hot” ITunes List!

    Comment by Maryjo | 26 March 2007

  6. Love getting your new podcasts each week… but would love to also see more pictures, too!

    Comment by Debra | 26 March 2007

  7. Although I understand the point of guilds, I have a big problem with the idea that they are the repository of all knitting (or other craft) knowledge. I have been knitting for more than 40 years, have had patterns published and have tried just about anything that’s aorund, but I’m not a joiner. I’ve never been to a guild meeting in my life, but I have been patronised and put down more than once by guild members, especially at craft shows, when I’ve approached them about membership. They just assume that I want them to teach me, never that I may know as much or more than they do. I like my informal knitting group a lot, but am not interested in the one-up-manship that I’ve experienced from guild members. Horses for courses. BTW, David, not all women like to be referred to as ‘ladies’ – I’m 55, and I really hate it. I dont’ hear you refer to ‘gentlemen’! 🙂

    Comment by M-H | 26 March 2007

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