Sticks & String

A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Midweek update – 28 February

Show 15 is coming along, with a review of Ann Feitelson’s book on Fair Isle knitting, and my two favourite films of all time. The big news here at the moment, fresh on the heels of Sydney traffic problems caused by two ships and a Vice President, it seems like we’re all getting an extra public holiday this year when a President comes calling. I suppose that’s nice, it saves the protesters having to miss a day of work.

Pictures of the knitting from last Sunday’s workshop are being worked on, so expect them soonish. I didn’t get a chance to finish them today as it was Wednesday and it rained – which means the Indian Pacific (the train that runs from Sydney to Perth) broke down, apparently it can’t get up the mountains when it rains, so that meant almost an extra hour on the train – or some more of the pattern rounds of the baby jumper completed, but no time to do the pictures.

Until Saturday, keep knitting.


28 February 2007 - Posted by | knitting


  1. I love your podcast, it keeps my attention and allows me to knit. Keep podcasting I love it! I am picky about my podcasts that I “HAVE” to listen to and yours is one of 2 or 3. Thank you for your wonderful work.

    Comment by britt | 1 March 2007

  2. You will have finished Bella’s jumper soon, I can’t wait to see it, preferably with little Bella wearing it!! 🙂

    Britt’s hit the nail on the head – I’m picky about my podcasts too. Only three for me; two knitting, one web design. The rest of the time I am just too busy to filter out the good from the indifferent so I work by recommendation.

    Nice of them to give the protesters the day off!

    Comment by Marjorie | 1 March 2007

  3. Have you connect body and sleeves yet? I can’t wait to see the jumper!

    And yes, thank you so much for podcasting. I love your music choices. They are different than anything I would gravitate toward, but I enjoy them immensely. It’s nice to be exposed to different things.

    Comment by Lynn | 1 March 2007

  4. Now which president is visiting?
    Thanks for the podcasts. I enjoy listening to you and what people “down under” are doing in the world of knitting.

    Comment by Patricia | 1 March 2007

  5. I really enjoy your podcast. Thank you for the tips on making stitch markers.

    Comment by Sage | 2 March 2007

  6. I just discovered your podcast and I love it. I especially liked the episode when you visited the shhep and alpaca farm. That must ahve been wonderful. Please keep up the podcast-it’s wonderful to hear a bloke’s point of view on our great craft!

    Comment by Lisa C in TN | 2 March 2007

  7. Hi David. Just wanted to say that I absolutely love your podcast. I met you a few weeks ago at the TC S&B group (I was the one knitting the Noro enterlac scarf), but I didn’t have time to sit down and listen to your podcast until this weekend. I spent today catching up on past episodes while I knitted a sock. What a great combo…

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    Comment by Morgan | 3 March 2007

  8. Well, if it’s our president coming to visit, I apologize that we are inflicting him on you but I’m glad you get a holiday.

    Comment by Caroline | 10 March 2007

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