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A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Show 11 – A long thread

Welcome to series 2. I enjoyed the break, but I’m also glad to be back. There’s a lot to get through in this week’s show. There’s a report on knitting while those around you lose their heads (not Madame Defarge, Turandot the opera). My new peojects for the new year and a review of Richard Rutt’s classic knitting book A history of hand knitting. And much, much more.
If you’re in Australia and interested in getting the KnitPicks interchangeable needles, here’s the link. The Icarus shawl I’m making is here, and the instructions for knitting backwards are here.

What’s happening
Courthouse Stitch’n’Bitch   Every Sunday at the Courthouse Hotel Newtown 1:30pm
Knitters Connection   A knitting event that features Sally Melville, Cat Bordhi and 10 other knitting teachers teaching 35 classes June 6 – 10 2007 at the Hyatt Regency Columbus
NSW Knitters Guild (Blue Mountains Division)   3rd Saturday of each month at the Blaxland Community Centre
Sydney Royal Easter Show   Sydney’s most prestigious knitting competition.
Sydney Sity Klickers   Every second Saturday at Barmuda, Australia Street Newtown

This show’s music
Jamie Janover and Michael Masley   Ragasutra     (Magnatune)

Don’t forget to check out Christa Giles new knitting podcast Christaknits which you can find here
Also, a happy first podcast birthday to Pointy Sticks and WeaveCast

You can contact me at david AT sticksandstring DOT com DOT au or
podcast AT sticksandstring DOT com DOT au
I’m sure that you know to replace the at with AT with @ and DOT with . but maybe the spam bots won’t.

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4 February 2007 - Posted by | knitting


  1. David, I haven’t listened yet to the new show but i can’t wait! I love, love love Richard rutt’s book– I found it for a song on ABE. There’s a couple of great history book I bought off Schoolhouse press with my work Christmas bonus– the history of the Norwegian Lice Sweater and Treasures from a Ragpile. They’re incredible. Great podcast!

    Comment by Krista McCurdy | 4 February 2007

  2. Um… is there a link to the show file?

    Comment by Michelle | 4 February 2007

  3. Hi David-another great episode! I wish I was knitting & listening to opera outdoors right now-its very cold here in the East of the U.S. Thanks for the great show!

    Comment by Shannon | 4 February 2007

  4. Okay, I know you are on break-BUT what about us??? We/I miss you. Enough is Enough!

    Comment by Carla | 4 February 2007

  5. I’m so sorry, right after I posted iTunes updated! Red in the face!

    Comment by Carla | 4 February 2007

  6. Hi David, Thank you for the lovely podcast!

    Comment by Jenneke | 4 February 2007

  7. Huzzah! I’ve been patiently waiting for a new one from you.

    We still need to talk yarn huh?

    Comment by scout | 5 February 2007

  8. wonderful show.
    great to have you back.

    Comment by profbookwurmknits | 5 February 2007

  9. Welcome back, David. I’m glad you enjoyed your break, but it’s great to have your podcast back.

    I’m glad you Aussies will get a chance to try the Knit Picks needles. I absolutely love them and haven’t used any other needle since I bought my set. I’m sure you’re going to love them! The Knit Picks dpn’s are just as fabulous. Hopefully Knit Picks will get a clue and start shipping outside of North America. There’s a huge market out there and they’re just ignoring it. I don’t understand it.

    I love hearing your cats in the background. It gives your podcast a very personal feel.

    Comment by Kathy | 5 February 2007

  10. Good to have you back, David, hardly seems possible that the school holidays are over already.

    Good also to have more of you and less music, I find what you have to say more interesting than the music, although I can see that they break up the podcast. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed Ragasutra.

    Comment by Kerry | 5 February 2007

  11. I have just discovered the Link thumbnail feature on your comments – lots of fun! I’m happy to say all the 15 bags of fleece have gone to good homes – Thank you for mentioning St Columba’s in the podcast, they might give us another lot next year! (I’ll try and find out what breed these sheep are.)
    Thanks also for the Bamboo circulars link – I’ve got the Knitpicks set already but am always on the lookout for more knitting haberdashery.

    Comment by Kate | 5 February 2007

  12. Hey David,

    Great to hear your podcast again. We had lots of (shivery) fun at Opera at the Domain– thanks for sharing the delicious fruit.

    If you want any “professional” web design help with the new site, let me know! I’m happy to donate some time if you need it.

    – Andrea

    Comment by ARJ | 6 February 2007

  13. Great episode David and good to hear you back. You should move to Tassie! I don’t have to go back to work until Monday! I look forward to your second series, you have me thinking about how knitting links me to my past and how I can pass this on into the future.

    Comment by 1heartkn1tt1ng | 6 February 2007

  14. Hi, David, good to have you back.

    You asked for feedback on the new webpage some time ago, so I looked. But honestly, I’m looking at the content more than the surround, and the content is the same.

    It’s your call entirely!

    Comment by Gail | 7 February 2007

  15. Welcome back (and to the phantom jingler!!!) good to hear you over the Waitangi holiday here. I am lost in admiration for your shawl project, it is quite, quite beautiful.

    I am sticking to easy stuff at the moment as our two new kittens run riot with anything fluffy, or anything that moves!

    PS 24,158 hits on the site – you must be so proud!!!!!

    Comment by Marjorie | 7 February 2007

  16. Thanks David
    I love the show and just listened to the last one – you have such a great pod manner and choice in music. I have also enjoyed your journey through knitting
    I go to the inner city group of the N.S.W. knitting guild the second saturday of every month from 10-12 at the Redfern community center on hugo st

    Comment by missfee | 7 February 2007

  17. David,
    I discovered your podcast a couple of weeks ago, along with a few others. After listening to them all, I’ve decided that yours is one of the two best. I love listening to your podcast because you are very practical, and not “over the top.”

    I especially like your essays. Thanks for a wonderful podcast! Can’t wait for the next episode!

    Comment by Debbie Talley | 7 February 2007

  18. David,

    Welcome back! Great to hear your voice on my iPod again! As always, great show! 🙂

    Comment by Elemmaciltur | 7 February 2007

  19. Hi David,

    Enjoyed your podcast. How cool it must be to listen to opera in the outdooors and knit!

    I have most of the Knits Picks options, and I love mine. The dpns have sharp points, and I have a scar to prove it, but I’m still using them on a Monkey sock from

    Gosh, I’ve never heard of “A History of Hand Knitting.” Must check it out.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

    Comment by Vera | 8 February 2007

  20. So happy to have you back! I missed you.

    Comment by Kate | 8 February 2007

  21. Hi David,
    It’s nice to have you back, and hear your cheery, up-beat voice again.I really enjoy the essays, they’re very thoughtful. And of course it’s always entertaining to hear about the cats, your affection for them is very infectious.

    Comment by vanessa | 9 February 2007

  22. Glad to have you back — I’m also back from a long vacation. Having gotten through the first week, am sitting here Sat am knitting and hoping you’ll get a second Feb. podcast up soon!
    Glad you’re describing the shawl — I want to make it someday, but need to have the time to “focus” on it. I’m on year 2 of making a Russian Orenberg shawl … lots of attention needed, so it doesn’t get worked on a lot. Maryjo

    Comment by Maryjo | 10 February 2007

  23. Forgot to add there is a great podcast for knitters who have cats or are cat lovers:

    Cat Whispering

    enjoy! It’s wonderful!

    Comment by Maryjo | 10 February 2007

  24. I look forward to your pod casts, your essays are wonderful and I also thouroghly enjoy the music you choose. Thank you.

    Comment by marnie | 10 February 2007

  25. Hi, love the podcast, and I am very interested in seeing the stitch markers that you made for Icarus. I have a mental idea of what I think they look like but I’d like to see an actual picture if possible as I think I would like to make myself some.


    Comment by Laura | 12 February 2007

  26. Hi David

    Just knitting Icarus on Knitpicks needles as I listened to this episode this morning – Just wanted to make sure that you are aware that the pattern writer for Icarus has published some late amendments – you can find them following this link.

    all the best

    Comment by nat | 19 February 2007

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