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A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Midweek update – 24 January

G’day all.

The new website is almost finished, I’m just doing the final testing, so expect it to be live any day soon. We’re getting geared up for knitting at the Opera next Saturday – if you’re around Sydney why not come along – the Domain from mid-afternoon onwards. Now, if only the weather holds out, we’ve gone from really hot to wet again. I got given the outside of a sheep on last Saturday, Kate from the knitting guild was given 12 bags of fleece and she kindly passed one on, so I now have enough fibre to spin for (at my current rate of progress) a year or two.

During the week I’ve also done a guest spot on Quirky Nomads, a wonderful podcast from Canada, have a listen if you like and try some of Sage’s other shows they’re terrific.

Remember, the show’s back  on the first Saturday in February, until then, keep knitting.


24 January 2007 - Posted by | knitting


  1. It was a very nice surprise to hear your voice on Quirky Nomads this morning! I kind of felt like, ‘Hey, I know him!’.

    Thanks very much for your podcast, David. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I enjoy listening to it!

    Comment by Sharon | 25 January 2007

  2. opera knitting!
    anxiously awaiting the details.

    Comment by profbookwurmknits | 25 January 2007

  3. I was quite surprised to hear you on Quirky Nomads….I was really thinking to myself that I know the voice. 🙂 I actually thought that it was your story you’re reading…until the end and you said “read by”. :-p

    Comment by Elemmaciltur | 26 January 2007

  4. This midweek update is a good idea, it reminds me to check in now and then, and also that I miss the show! (I went to Quirky Nomads after reading this blog and I was STILL surprised to hear your voice in another podcast.) Good on you!

    Comment by Gail | 26 January 2007

  5. Happy Australia Day, David, and have fun at the opera!

    Comment by Irish Clover | 27 January 2007

  6. I’ve started listening to your back episodes – I just finished up Brenda’s back episodes and have been trying out other knitting podcasts. I really like your format and I’m looking forward to getting caught up in time for the next series to start.

    Comment by Caroline | 27 January 2007

  7. Hi, I’m late to the party as I’ve just listened to your first episode. Well done! Love the podcast and have now subscribed. Welcome back to knitting!

    Comment by Carol | 29 January 2007

  8. I also just purchased, yesterday, “Itty Bitty Hats” and I fell in love with the cutem cute hats. I may just end up using it for inspiration, but those adorable photos are certainly inspirational! I also have an adorable granddaughter whom I knit for and oh the joy we all get from her exhuberant love of everything [at least right now] Nana knits for her!

    Just one comment on the essay from number three (I’m still catching up)you have sped up and I rather liked the slightly slower speed of the last few essays. I can listen and think about what you are saying at the same time when you go a little slower.But maybe that’s just me. The content was great!

    Sunshine from Tampa, FL – WendyE

    Comment by WendyE | 30 January 2007

  9. David,
    What a treat to get a double dose of you this week on my commute to school. Always a joy to hear your voice, wherever it may be found!

    Des Moines, Iowa, USA

    Comment by Molly | 31 January 2007

  10. Hey!! Tomorrow is Saturday – it’s the second of February – does this mean Sticks and String will be back again??? Yaaaay.

    (off to check out Quirky Nomads……)

    Comment by Marjorie | 1 February 2007

  11. Hi David-
    I’ve been one of those lurking, non-comment people for too long. However having just booked a flight to austrailia for the end of March, I thought I might say hi and see what great knitting places or places in general you might recommend while I’m in Sydney (or Melbourne or Brisbane). I love your show and can’t wait to use the “wooly jumper” joke on my boyfriend’s dad. I think he’ll love it.

    Comment by Carrie | 2 February 2007

  12. Hi,
    have been listening to your podcast (all of the shows of season 1) over the past few days. Just wanted to thank you for a great show. I really like your thoughts on the knitting comunity. It really is fasinating how knitters all over the world connect (and of course the ones close by as well). Keep up the good work and I look forward to listening to season 2

    Comment by Jenny | 2 February 2007

  13. Hi David. Kim from Vancouver here. Just finished listening to all your shows. They’re fantastic. Looking forward to the next series. Keep up the great work.

    Comment by Kim | 2 February 2007

  14. It’s still the 1st, here, in Montreal, Canada. Waiting for February 2nd to arrive!

    Thank you David for your great shows. I listen to a lot of podcasts, but it’s the first time I leave a comment somewhere. Want to tell you how I love your very subtle approach to the craft, the intelligence and sensibility of your comments, your generosity. I also appreciate a lot your musical choices (I have a strong tendancy to skip music, but not listening to your podcast!); the pieces are carefully selected to be “in the tone” of the show.

    Thank you very much!


    P.S. you’ve surely noticed my very bad English. I’m a french-canadian. As part of my job is writing and as, when it comes to French, I master my language, I’m a little intimidated to write in English and so sorry to massacre the language of Shakespeare, a language I love so much.(I’ve done my thesis on Charlotte Bronte’s works!) So… apologies for all possible mistakes!

    Comment by Johanne | 3 February 2007

  15. Hello David! I’ve been knitting at the opera for quite some time but as the opera season in Minnesota is mostly during the winter months, I usually have to put it down once the lights go down. Your trip to the opera sounded lovely. I’ll be thinking of you next week at the Minnesota Opera’s production of “The Grapes of Wrath.” The perfect opera, however, would have lots of knitting in it as well.

    Comment by Ellen | 10 February 2007

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