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Midweek update – 17 January

One of my friends (and work colleague) has a new blog up detailing his upcoming bike ride across the USA. He starts this weekend (I think – his plans are quite complicated) so if any of you in the US happen to see an Aussie science teacher / veterinarian cycling past (there’s a map of his progress on his blog) then make sure to give him a wave. He doesn’t knit, but he can sew (part of the job – being a vet, not science teaching).

Today I’m off meet the people from Braeside Alpacas outside Bathurst to do some interviews for the new series, they raise sheep and alpacas specially for spinners.

The new website (here for a preview) is nearly ready, I’m just putting the finishing touches on it before the big job of moving all the content from here to the new one. It’s on track to be running before I’m back at work. Series 2 is still on track to begin 3 February (with a special report on knitting at the opera).


17 January 2007 - Posted by | knitting


  1. Knitting at the opera? Don’t forget your words and make sure you don’t poke the soprano or she might sing higher than she was meant to!

    Comment by Karen | 17 January 2007

  2. David –
    I am a subscriber to your podcast. I found you about 4 weeks ago, and have been meaning to post a comment but am just now getting to it. I love your show and look forward to it each week. (Currently in withdrawl.)Thanks so much for putting it together. I find it very interesting and love to listen. Keep up the great work!

    Comment by Katie | 18 January 2007

  3. Hi David,

    You are in for such a treat. I visited my first alpaca farm a few years back and rather fell in love with the animals. I’m currently saving to buy an alpaca (or 3) of my own and a ranch to keep them on. I live in the ideal climate for them (the central coast of California), but they’re pricey animals and real estate here is anything but cheap. So I content myself with knitting and listening to knitting podcasts.

    Thanks for the fabulous podcast. You are so organized and thoughtful in your podcasts. I really appreciate them and look forward to S2.

    Comment by Jen Smith | 18 January 2007

  4. Hi David,
    I am new to podcast & a friend made some CDs for me. I have just listened to your Shows 4 & 5. I just love them – they are so interesting & amusing & really made me feel like we are talking & discussing together. Thank you very much on your great job! I just downloaded Shows 8-10 & can’t wait to listen to them. Thanks again.

    Comment by Ann | 20 January 2007

  5. Hi, David

    First, I’m behind on listening and just heard show 9. My condolences on your family’s loss. Those events can demand a variety of energy for a while but I hope all are at least beginning to know some peace or rest.

    Regarding your podcast, I’ve been listing since I think show 3 went up. I really enjoy it-different perspective. I especially enjoy the fact that your english is not my midwestern USA english. Lots of the words are still familiar but I’m hearing new one too. If it really bothers me, I’ll go google them. It is great to visit a “foreign” country while knitting away on a Sat a.m. in St. Paul, Minnesota. As a ex-pat Chicagoan, I’m often accussed of having an accent, myself.

    I wanted to say that I really admire you for turning down donations for the show. I understand that some financial resources are expended so it is all the more admirable that you didn’t just figure “bird in the hand…” and grab up the money. (putting that all very bluntly) My next Afghans for Afghans sweater will be knit in your honor. Should it be blue? How am I doing for sexist selection of potential favorite color?

    Thanks too for the podsafe music and intro to …(brain failure…alert…will need to look at show 9 notes…) the other musician-fair site.

    No need to reply–don’t let me interrupt any work on series 2!


    Gerrie in MN

    Comment by Gerrie | 21 January 2007

  6. Hi David,

    Hope you are having a nice break. I am really looking forward to season 2 of your podcasts.

    You did ask for comments on the new web site so here you go, take it for what it’s worth. As a graphic designer, I much prefer the look and layout of this site. the other site is hard on the eyes and the type is just not as clean looking. The subdued pallet you’ve used here works much better for me and I find the layout on this site better as well. I do look forward to seeing the final version of the new web site and will continue to enjoy your podcasts regardless of what your web site looks like. I am not really in any true position to criticise because for my own blog, I took the easy way out and just picked a template I liked and went with it.

    Comment by marnie | 22 January 2007

  7. There are alpacas outside Bathurst!? Argh! Why didn’t I know about this? I live right near there!

    Comment by Michelle | 23 January 2007

  8. Hello from Louisville, Kentucky! I’m really enjoying your podcast. I found it when Cast-On mentioned it, and then Brenda has been on a break so I started listening to yours. I really liked your insights on knitting for guys and I envy your trip to Nundle.

    I am trying to start a knitting group with a friend and it is a challenge – usually it is just the two of us, but we go to a local coffee shop and knit. I appreciate the encouragement to keep it up – there is something intangible but wonderful about knitting together in a public place.

    Oh- I wanted to say that I think it is interesting that you are also a scientist – any links between astrophysics and knitting?

    Looking forward to the next show – Ila

    Comment by Ila | 26 January 2007

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