Sticks & String

A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Show 10 – No loose ends

Welcome to show 10, the last of series one.

This week we travel back to Nundle and get a tour of the machine floor.

The essay is available here.

What’s happening
Courthouse stitch’n’bitch – Sundays 1:30
Sydney Sity Klickers Every second Saturday afternoon (starting again 6 January)
NSW Knitter’s Guild – Blue Mountains – 3rd Saturday of each month
Long Island Knitting and Crochet Guild (link to a page with their details, scroll down a little way) Westbury Library – 2nd Thursday of each month
Sydney Royal Easter Show   5 – 18 April

The links to sites throughout the show:
Yarn Magazine
Nundle Woollen Mill

This show’s music
This week’s tracks come from the Podsafe music network
And Magnatune.
(Except for the little bit of Bach at the beginning and end, that’s me on a synthesiser.)

46bliss In a long time (link)
Heavy Mellow Bright Side (link)

Link to the show file
Show 10 – No loose ends

No spinning mentioned this week either (unless you count the Nundle tour) – I ran out of time again!

You can contact me at: podcast at sticksandstring dot com dot au (I’m sure you know to replace the at with @ and the dot with . but perhaps the spam bots won’t.)

If you’d like to contribute to Sticks & String, guest essays, reviews, suggestions of music, people to interview, please just let me know. And please let me know about your knitting group I’d love to have to start a whole separate page because the list is too long.


6 January 2007 - Posted by | knitting


  1. I’m getting caught up on the blog world, so just learned of the death of your sister. I am so sorry to hear of it and please pass on my heartfelt condolences to your family. I’m glad you took some time off from the podcast to handle everything that needed your attention.

    Congratulations on your first series of podcasts. I’m looking forward to the next series.

    Comment by Kathy | 6 January 2007

  2. I discovered podcasts about the time you began podcasting. Thank you for trying it out, I’ve very much enjoyed listening. I like the local quality, even though Australia is anything but local to me! One day I’ll find – I hope – a podcast to discuss the fibers, groups and magazines available in the Southeastern US. Yes, I can order from anywhere, but buying local builds community in brick and concrete, so to speak.

    As I am typing, I keep seeing the photo of Bella-Angel in the adorable pumpkin hat. May we have an update photo? The hat would make a great reference for comparison.

    I look forward to welcoming you back from summer vacation!
    Have a good one!

    Comment by gail | 6 January 2007

  3. Three weeks!!! No more Sticks & String for 3 whole weeks!!

    Oh well, I suppose I had better start my cardigan then…..


    Comment by Marjorie | 7 January 2007

  4. another wonderful podcast. thank you.
    three weeks is a very long time-you will be missed.
    i would love to see a photo of your mother’s cardigan.
    have a great break.
    love the theme for season two.

    Comment by profbookwurmknits | 7 January 2007

  5. Dear David:
    Congratulations on your first season of Sticks and String. It was a great day when I stumbled across it. Your podcast has certainly opened a few doors for me. When to the Nundle online store today and even placed an order…..(pretty fun) I really enjoyed Lara’s pictures. I’d love a new Bella picture too when the time is right. Enjoy your holiday.

    (that California girl who now proudly knows what a jumper is)

    Comment by Billie | 8 January 2007

  6. Great podcast! I don’t know if I’ll be able to last three weeks. I always listen to you on a Thursday evening as I’m tucked into bed…tea at my side, a cat or two curled up and something comforting and easy on the sticks. But maybe I’ll get time to catch up on my reading.

    Enjoy your break….I’d like to see a pic of your mothers cardi.


    Comment by Judith | 8 January 2007

  7. Thank you for a fantastic 1st season! I have been listening here in England since the beginning and it is mine and my husbands favourite podcast! My husband is just learning to knit and finds a male perpsective on knitting very helpful.
    We look forward to hearing you again in February!

    Comment by Sarah | 8 January 2007

  8. david,

    lovely podcast. i’m looking forward to your next season!

    .: tani :.

    Comment by crankygrrrrrl | 9 January 2007

  9. Thanks for making such a wonderful podcast!! I enjoy listening to a new show every week and am looking forward to season 2!

    Comment by knittingbeauty | 9 January 2007

  10. Thanks for making such a wonderful podcast!! I look forward to listening every week and can’t wait for season 2!

    Comment by Anonymous | 9 January 2007

  11. I forgot to say, I really really liked the essay. I am sure it made many of us just think a bit. Your words apply to every creative endeavour too (my Mum loves the quilt I made her – my first – itys quicker than knitting %-)

    Like everyone, I will miss your polished but very human podcasting, and I WILL make inroads into that cardigan (can’t ever see me doing socks though).

    PS I’m with the others on this one, any chance of a picture of Bella?

    Comment by Marjorie | 9 January 2007

  12. Hi David,
    another late listen to the podcast but I loved the 46bliss song – I first heard it on Cast On.
    Have a nice break – it will go so quickly – then back to work. Looking forward to the next essay.

    Comment by Kate | 10 January 2007

  13. As always, wonderful podcast! Have a great break and take care!

    Comment by Elemmaciltur | 12 January 2007

  14. Hello there David. I just got my Ipod for Christmas and your show was one of the first podcasts I downloaded, and only the second that I’ve ever listened to. I am currently listening to your second part of the “What Men Want” episodes, and fascinated by it all. So far all I’ve made for my husband in the way of wearables is socks, and a VERY boring and tedious stockinette alpaca scarf. After listening to your broadcasts, I’ve decided that the cashmere jumper I want to make for him is a pretty good choice as long as I stay with a neutral colour that fits in with his personal taste. It *does* have a bit of patterning to it, but it is meant to be a more dressy jumper, rather than every-day-at-work-wear. I’ve also decided that once I find the crocheted UFO jumper I *was* working on for him, that I’m either going to frog it, or keep it for myself.
    Please keep up the great podcasts. I absolutely love hearing about knitting from the male point of view… both in what you like to knit, and what you want to wear. That information is invaluable to me as both a person who makes things for a man, as well as a pattern designer. I’m looking very forward to the rest of the current series, as well as the next when you start it again after your hiatus.

    Comment by Nicole {the geek} Rodgers | 13 January 2007

  15. Another nice podcast! You “forgot” to mention in your essay one other “creature” who appreciates our knitting — our cats! I was listening to your podcast with my daughter’s cat sitting on my lap … difficult to knit at the same time, I can tell you!

    Through Dave of the Chub Creek podcast, found this lovely new little podcast that one can subscribe to through ITunes –


    with a wonderful Kipling story that does involve a cat, and among other things, a cat playing with a string.

    Also enjoyed your field trip interview — we all need to be reminded of where things “come from.” Maryjo

    Comment by Maryjo | 16 January 2007

  16. Hi David,
    There is a great site I buy yarn from that also sells Yarn Magazine to those of us in the USA –

    Thanks for the warning about Creative Knitting.

    Bev Love

    Comment by Bev Love | 21 January 2007

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