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Midweek update (13 December)

G’day all.

Holidays are here, and with them the nasty weather. Monday was nice, I even got some gardening done (a once a year event); Tuesday it was back to winter with the temperature not even reaching double figures. I have no idea about today though, it’s still early.

You should have noticed some subtle changes to the website, so far that’s just been some reorganising. There will eventually be a new site, if you want a sneak preview it’s here, but please don’t leave any comments over on that site, as anything stored there will be erased just before it becomes the official site. If you do want to comment, or make suggestions, leave them with this post please. One question I have for you though – would you like a message board in addition to the blog? I’m not going to ask that on the podcast, as I’d rather have the opinions of those of you who read the blog as well as listen.

Show 8 is coming along well. No interviews or guest essays this week, it’s all me. This week’s show is about how the Internet helps us knitters. I’ve got a good collection of sites to talk about, but I’m sure some of you have got gems I’ve missed. If you know of a site that’s a little out of the ordinary let me know by Friday so I can mention it (something more than just a shop site, something that goes that little bit further, offers something extra…).

So, until the weekend, keep knitting.

P.S. If the new site is doing weird stuff, it’s probably because I’m still working on it.


13 December 2006 - Posted by | knitting



    HAVE YOU HAD A LOOK AT great site, 100’s of patterns in several languages.
    i’ve recently started a blog with word press, but being computer ignorant, i can’t figure how to put my own picture in the heading and how to add my photo’s to daily pages. any ideas?
    FYI, i do know of several great sites, but they are not out of the ordinary. let me know if you’d like some more.
    have a blessed day
    ina ray

    Comment by ina coggins | 13 December 2006

  2. Franklin Habit: Incisive commentary on life, humour, stunning photography cartoons about sheep, and the odd bit of knitting.

    It’s my top fave.

    Comment by M-H | 13 December 2006

  3. Hi David,
    it is a bit chilly isn’t it – here’s a few of my picks for helpful sites and I second M-H’s choice of Franklin’s blog for sheer entertainment.
    a very talented and generous knitter
    Good tips and free patterns
    For knitters who blog and vice versa. (This may help your first comment maker, Ina)

    Comment by Kate | 13 December 2006

  4. David… you CANNOT have a podcast about the internet and knitting without mentioning . Amy Finlay, out of the kindness of her little Amy-heart, created and posted small MPEG videos featuring every knitting skill you would ever want to master. She filmed both english AND continental styles of knitting. Seh filmed by “hugging” a tripod, and the result is having her hands right in front of you. The videos are FREE to download, no membership fee. There is a “glossary” of knitting abbreviations, each being linked back to the appropriate video. I live in Illinois, but was taught to knit by this wonderful woman in Pennsylvania.

    Videos aside, Knittinghelp also has a very active, dynamic and diverse COMMUNITY of knitters attached to it via a message board. I have made some of the best friends of my LIFE on this Board. As you mentioned in one of your first podcasts, knitters are just GOOD people. I have found that to be an understatement. There are several forums on the Board… “General Knitting”, where folks compare techniques, discuss notions and nonsense. “How-To”, where one will very likely find their questions answered within 5 minutes. Pattern Central where there is a great free of exchange of ideas and resources. “Whatcha Knitting” is where one can get feedback and/or kudos on their current or finished projects. My favorite place, and what I would consider the HEART of the Board is the “Blog forum”. Several of us keep our own thread and call it our blog. Knitting has become almost an afterthought in this community. These are friends who want nothing more for you than what you want for yourself. Plenty of “enabling” of knitty purchases, as if we needed any enabling!

    Kindness and support abound throughout this site. I do hope you have a minute to check it out. I wouldnt be knitting today if it werent for these AMAZING people!

    Comment by KellyK | 13 December 2006

  5. I just wanted to say that I took a peek at the new web site and it looks really cool. I am looking forward to it going live.

    Comment by Angela | 13 December 2006

  6. I would have to say Wendy Knits ( because she knits wonderful projects that are very inspirational, she has raised over $20,000 for Heifer International by just posting it to her blog and offering a few prizes, and she answers all sorts of knitting questions when people post them to the comments.

    The other person is definately the Yarn Harlot ( who is a witty and insightful knitter. She organized the Knitting Olympics last year that brought together over 4000 knitters from around the world to push themselves to greater heights all in the spirit of the Olympics.

    Comment by Yvonne | 14 December 2006

  7. G’day Dave,

    yeah, well, sorry, I still haven’t even put pen to papers like I said I would…but I promise you that I’ll eventually try penning an essay for your show (I’m too afraid to pen an essay for Brenda’s show).

    Message board would be nice…or how about going for an all out forum?

    And as for unusual site? Try Laurie’s Crazy Aunt Purl. 🙂

    Comment by Elemmaciltur | 14 December 2006

  8. Hi Dave – thanks for asking about the sites:

    I think your readers will enjoy these:
    Jody is very talented and generous with her knowledge and offers some great patterns.
    Check out particularly her tutorial for a great looking stretchy tubular bindoff –

    Likewise, another interesting place I’ve been blog stalking is from a born & bred Italian relocated to the west coast of US-

    She has a great tutorial for a tubular cast on that is perfect for mittens, hats and most else that needs a little ease now and then.

    I think a message board would be great for your new site. Your blog and podcast is unique and refreshing and I would bet attracts some interesting knitsibs! Thanks again for he effort you put into your work – – now what to do while waiting for session 2 to begin!

    Comment by Anna Marie | 14 December 2006

  9. I forgot to thank you for putting up that WONDERFUL pic of Bella. She IS an angel! Doesnt it fill you with the warm-fuzzies to know that little pieces of you are keeping people warm, well and loved? 🙂

    Comment by KellyK | 14 December 2006

  10. David,
    I am really enjoying your podcast. I have listened since you began. You are my regular Monday morning companion on the commute to work. So reliable! And INTERESTING. I walk, take the train, and walk. It takes about 45 min and you’re my Monday companion all the way. Thank you!
    I love the themed shows and just look forward to your easy style. You and Guido are my favorite walking companions! Keep it going!

    Comment by Celia | 14 December 2006

  11. Hi, Dave.
    I’m really enjoying your show. I especially enjoyed the series on what men want in their knitting. I have some guy friends who keep asking for things, but I am always so nervous about making them stuff. I think I have a better idea of what they’d like now.
    I think the new site looks great so far. Have you seen Lime and Violet’s forum? I think something like that would be great for your show too! Just a thought. You can check it out here:
    Have a great day!

    Comment by Tammany | 15 December 2006

  12. Hello Dave

    Looked at the new web site. Orange – um, very definitely %-) Will check again to make sure I like it……..

    A Forum. Well do you/want one? It’s a lot of work isn’t it particularly if it’s moderated, and it would depend on how many knitters you got who interacted and contributed. We all know they can chat up a storm!!! It might be nice if it was friendly and welcoming (and people knew how to use their shift key * sigh*).

    Your podcast is absolutely one of the best I have listened too (no gales of hysterical laughter about things we can’t see or find particuarly funny, and no ‘um’s and ‘ah’s’) Sticks and String has lots of fun stuff, two beautiful cats, and is all beautifully presented. I echo Celi’s comments 100%. I often listen to you walking from Stokes Valley down to Pomare station (now Spring is threatening to appear )possibly)

    Oh, and go with the ‘jumpers’ too. It’s about time we took back our ‘jumpers’ from the ‘sweater’ people!!!


    Comment by Marjorie | 15 December 2006

  13. One obscure site I’ve used more than a few times at the shop is It’s a Japanese site – I don’t even know what the proper name is – but they have a very useful knitter’s graph paper generator that creates PDFs in any stitch gauge you need. They also have a page that converts Japanese needle sizes (which don’t seem to appear on most English needle gauges!) and gives the common English translations for things you’re likely to see on Japanese patterns and ball bands. Very useful stuff if you like knitting with Noro! 🙂

    Comment by Kris | 15 December 2006

  14. Hello Dave,

    I’m a new listener to your podcast and I had to pop in and say how much I really enjoy your show. I listen on the Metro as I commute to work in the District of Columbia.

    I heard about your podcast from the lime ‘n violet girls and I’m glad I subscribed. I’m enjoying your style.



    Comment by Evelyn | 15 December 2006

  15. I look forward to Saturdays so I can download your latest podcast. I find it fun, interesting and informative and it is not too often one gets to hear Australian accent. Probably my favorite English accent. It’s also nice to hear what’s going on Down Under, I didn’t realize Australia had such a big knitting community being warm and all. Somehow I don’t associate knitting and surfing (which sounds more Australian) he he

    Anyways, was wondering if you saw this:

    Comment by Sonja | 16 December 2006

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