Sticks & String

A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Show 7 – The LYS

Welcome to show 7, This show’s theme is The Local Yarn Shop.

The essay isn’t available here just yet (because I forgot to ask Lara for permission to put it up).
Lara’s blog is here.

Katoomba Knitting doesn’t have a website, but here are their contact details. Pop in and say ‘Hi’ to Jan next time you’re up there.
Shop 11, Town Centre Arcade
Katoomba St
Katoomba, New South Wales 2780
Phone (02) 47826137

I got my white merino tops at Virginia Farm Woolworks. I love their dyed tops too.

What’s happening
Courthouse stitch’n’bitch – Sundays 1:30
Sydney Sity Klickers Every second Saturday afternoon
NSW Knitter’s Guild – Blue Mountains – 3rd Saturday of each month
Long Island Knitting and Crochet Guild (link to a page with their details, scroll down a little way) Westbury Library – 2nd Thursday of each month
Sydney Royal Easter Show 5 – 18 April 2007- Competition details. Arts entries close 20 December so hurry up!

This show’s music
This week’s tracks come from the Podsafe music network
(Except for the little bit of Bach at the beginning and end, that’s me on a synthesiser.)

Shams Creation (link)
The Stark Variation on Bolero (link)
Link to the show file
Show 7 – The LYS

You can contact me at: podcast at sticksandstring dot com dot au (I’m sure you know to replace the at with @ and the dot with . but perhaps the spam bots won’t.)

If you’d like to contribute to Sticks & String, guest essays, reviews, suggestions of music, people to interview, please just let me know. And please let me know about your knitting group I’d love to have to start a whole separate page because the list is too long.

9 December 2006 - Posted by | Podcasting


  1. I’ve had your podcast downloaded for a while but have just had a chance to listen … fabulous! I like your various choices of music and your broadcasting voice is clear. Nice to hear about other things than US knitting, too! So, on to listen to episode 2!

    Comment by Maryjo | 9 December 2006

  2. He,he,he, I loved the comment about bringing home the bag of cat food. Sometimes I buy dog toys without knowing!

    Comment by Fione | 9 December 2006

  3. Another interesting show, thanks David. It was great to hear Jan talking about her experiences in the Yarn shop and Lara, (despite her misgivings) sounded clear and concise. I happen to have a mirror ball if there are any LYS that may be interested.

    Comment by Kate | 11 December 2006

  4. New listener here – just listened to to episodes 2 and 7 this morning. I especially enjoyed the essay on why knitters give their knitting away, and appreciated the chuckles in it. I needed them as the repairman later gave me the news that there was no hope for my oven, no, none at all and it was dangerous to use. Sigh. But I can still laugh as I think about how we really don’t knit things with the attitude of “you’ll hate this now, but later you’ll thank for me it”!

    thanks! I will listen to your others when I can, DV.

    Have a great day!

    Comment by Karen | 11 December 2006

  5. I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Anyway, I think the word you want for jumper (in US English) is “pullover.” We don’t use it much, but we know what it means.

    A suggestion for you: perhaps a page on the blog with “aussie speak?” I think you have quite the international audience. You could add to it as you find out someone is confused.

    Comment by moraie | 12 December 2006

  6. The perfect knitter’s bag for a guy!!


    Comment by Denelle | 12 December 2006

  7. I’ve been listening to your podcast since episode 2, and I just wanted to say I loved it!

    I usually don’t bother contacting podcasters but I just wanted to say that the Ashford Traditional is a great wheel. I’ve got one and I love it.

    Comment by Ashley | 14 December 2006

  8. Teaching my granddaughter to knit
    One of the most memorable moments in my life was the day I taught Ella, my 8-year-old granddaughter to knit. I only see her a few times a year but she usually spends several weeks with me in the summer. The summer she learned to knit was exciting for both of us. She would knit for hours and hours with Fun Fur of all things. She is 10 now and I have also taught her to crochet and she’s even had a turn at the spinning wheel.
    When I was growing up in South Carolina, I didn’t know any knitters. There were crocheters with tiny, tiny yarn and steel hooks but no knitters. I got Knitting for Barbie for Xmas when I was 12 and taught myself to knit using the kit. I couldn’t figure out the purl so I just knitted backwards. Needless to say, purling is much better than knitting backwards.
    Cindy, the Fitter Knitter

    Comment by Cindy | 18 December 2006

  9. Glad to see that you managed to get your wool tops. How’s teh spinning going?


    Comment by celia | 19 December 2006

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