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Oops, what I forgot

I was so pleased at getting this week’s show finished in plenty of time to get off to my first spinning lesson, that I forgot to say what the special news I hinted at last week was.

Tapestry Craft, the big knitting and needlework shop in the Sydney CBD is having a sale, with 20% of everything and more than that off some things, so it’s time to stock up for the new year. I wasn’t sure if I could say anything last week, but they emailed everyone midweek so I’m sure it’s alright to mention it now.

How did the spinning lesson go? Well nothing got broken, so that’s a start, still a way to go though. I’ll give a more detailed account in next week’s show.

Until then, keep knitting.


9 December 2006 - Posted by | knitting

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  1. Ooh! Would love to hear how your spinning lesson started.. I’m going to be teaching a drop-spindle class in January, and I have a few ideas on how to introduce it and some progressions to use, but I’d be interested in hearing how another instructor did it!

    I was sitting in a cafe for a number of hours tonight, finishing up a couple projects and starting another, listening to various podcasts (I saved yours for the bustrip home)… and had a guy (Bloke? Lad if we were in Ireland, Dude in some surfer areas..) walk in, notice me knitting, then start telling me how nice it was to see someone “crocheting”.. and how he hadn’t seen that for a long time, and wasn’t it especially nice that I was a lady, doing some of ‘dem ladylike things, ’cause y’know, its not like something a guy would do…

    So I corrected him, to say that I was actually knitting.. and that knitting is in the middle of a upswing in popularity, and that lots of guys are doing it and even podcasting about it! (I don’t think he knew what a podcast was..) … then there were a few more comments from him about well, gosh, but it was just such a lady-thing to do, and he was a redneck (is that an insult you’re familiar with?) and rednecks guys wouldn’t do something like that… and tried to tell me a story about how manly and masculine the guys he hangs out with up North are…

    .. and then I got to tell him about my sister, who works in a lumber mill in the mid-North area of BC, as a millwright.. one of those manly jobs where the man gets dirty and greasy all day long fixing machines and wiring stuff and welding bits and pieces together to create new machines or tracks or whatevers… just to show that not all ‘ladies’ (gah, I’m STILL gagging on that word!) are all nice and ladylike and knitterly.. and I wish you’d been sitting beside me to show him that men knit too, dammit!


    Keep up the lovely podcasting!

    Comment by christagiles | 10 December 2006

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