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Midweek Update (29 November)

G’day everyone.

I’m posting this early Wednesday morning, prior to heading off for the Year 10 camp. The big advantage of that is that the camp is only a half an hour from home, so I can leave at 9am rather than 5:45. Reports are finally finished and the countdown is on to the holidays which start next Thursday – plenty of time for doing podcast type things, including visiting a wool mill.

Thanks so much to everyone who has and will be sending in stories about men and knitting, they are wonderful and they’ll make it into a show soon, but they won’t all fit into show 6 so I’m going to hang on to some. Don’t let this discourage you though, keep sending, please, as I’m thinking of varying the format just a little to include a submitted piece each week. Show 6’s theme is ‘What men want’ again, I’ve moved local yarn stores to Show 7.

The show should be up earlier on Saturday this week as I’ll have time to work on it on Friday (if I survive 68 fifteen and sixteen year olds).


P.S. I’ve bought a spinning wheel…


29 November 2006 - Posted by | knitting


  1. Congrates on the spinning wheel purchase? You couldn’t hold back long from when the idea first popped into your head, could you? Me neither. I have an Ashfrod Traditional that I had shipped from Australia maybe 16 years ago. I bought one in unfinished wood (unless that’s how they all come), and finished it with a greyish-brown walnut stain. Soon after I bought a drum carder. Have fun on your wheel. I know women love spinning just as much. Is it a guy thing to analyse yarn, its construction, etc. and then to want to make our own? Perhaps the interest is shared by both sexes, as with knitting.

    Comment by jigraknits | 30 November 2006

  2. Congrats on the wheel David! I just finished listening to episode 3, and thought to myself you wouldn’t last long before you got a wheel. I was listening to the podcast while driving into town (about a 25 minute drive each way, so was able to listen to part of episode 4 also) and busted out laughing when you made the comment about standing with your feet further apart so people couldn’t see that your socks didn’t match.

    I also loved the “Just Cast On” essay. I too chose a sweater as my second project (the first was a hat) before I “knew better”. My gauge was all over the map, with my purling much looser than my knitting (and it was a cardigan, knit flat, so there was as much purling as knitting). That was several years ago, and I love that sweater and wear it with pride, and always get compliments on it.

    So thanks again for a wonderful podcast — it’s an incredible gift that you give to any who would listen. Deb

    Comment by Deb | 30 November 2006

  3. Will look forward to your thoughts on local yarn stores. It’s a subject I think about quite a bit — what makes them or breaks them, and why they often take such a tough stance with their customers’ wants and needs (and whether they understand them). Also, wish I had time for a spinning wheel!

    Comment by Barbara | 30 November 2006

  4. I listened to the available shows of your podcast this week and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed them!

    I hope the image of your new spinning wheel will help you survive the camp 🙂 One of the things I’d love to know more about is Australian yarns. Except for Jo Sharp, I don’t know many…

    Comment by Minh | 30 November 2006

  5. I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts, from the music to the reviews to the interviews and to your voice! :> IMHO, you rate amongst the best. Please keep podcasting!


    Comment by Sue in WI | 30 November 2006

  6. Congratulations on the spinning wheel, I have one but have never got round to learning how to use it.

    I’ve recently joined the Hand Weavers & Spinners Guild of NSW and have booked a summer school for beginner weaving. It is 5 days, so I should know by then if I am really interested. They also have beginner spinning classes once a month if you need tuition.

    Comment by Kerry | 30 November 2006

  7. David I think we are going to need pictures of you with your spinning wheel!

    Isnt it funny how, once a knitter gets an idea in their head about a yarn, a book, a pattern, a spinning wheel, they just cant get it out until they purchase the object of their obsession? And, our knitting friends, well, they are always a bunch of enablers! hee hee!

    Comment by KellyK | 30 November 2006

  8. Woohoo!! How awesome, David, you’ve got yourself a wheel! Hoorah! Can’t wait to hear how you’re travelling on it – I’m new to spinning myself and am ABSOLUTELY SMITTEN with it! =D Can’t wait for the next podcast to come out, hope you’re enjoying the week and camp’s been fun!

    Comment by Sasha | 1 December 2006

  9. Once I heard you mention a wheel, I knew it wouldn’t be long!
    You’ll love it, spinning is so much fun. It’s relaxing once you realize that the first batch perhaps might look like something the cat dragged in.
    But hey, it’s YARN and you did it yourself. A heady feeling for sure.
    I have a Majacraft. I got it in June. It’s an addiction. Prepare yourself!

    Comment by Linda in CS/CO | 2 December 2006

  10. I just bought my first wheel last month and look forward to hearing about your learning experiences to come! My first skein is on the living room shelf, I don’t know whether to knit it into something or not!

    Comment by Kathy | 2 December 2006

  11. I’ve really enjoyed your podcast so far, but I would like to make a suggestion for the set-up of your website. I highly recommend getting rid of the frames, because it prevents me from linking to a specific episode. Once I realized that you were using frames, I was able to open the website in the frame only in order to get the proper URL to a particular episode (or I could have copied the URL from the title), but not everyone is as knowledgeable about such things as I. It’s really frustrating to go to a website and see a single address at the top ( when viewing individual pages.

    Anyways, thanks for the knitting entertainment 🙂

    Comment by Kristin | 2 December 2006

  12. I knew that spinning wheel was coming! Congrats on the next level of your fiber addiction.

    Comment by Tonya Leach-Trickel | 3 December 2006

  13. Spinning wheels are the next step on a long road, David. Enjoy every step! I have a Lendrum and a rotating stash of fiber waiting for the wheel. By the way, my own 17 yr. old wanted to know if you were teaching physics. She’s taking both calculus and physics right now – I think she needs someone to “feel her pain.” Not me, I’m a liberal arts major. Lime and Violet were discussing their theory that peole who attack algebra and geometry differently view knitting differently as well. Perhaps you can discuss that idea in a future podcast? Enjoy your holidays.

    Comment by Ellen | 5 December 2006

  14. David, I really enjoy your podcast and look forward to your weekly updates. I heard you mention the local store with the wheels and felt that it wouldn’t take you long to purchase one of your own. What wheel did you decide on? I was given a Louet about 20 years ago and just got a Lendrum. I love to spin! Very zen – the whir of the wheel lulls and soothes. Enjoy!

    Comment by Robin | 6 December 2006

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