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Midweek Update (22 November)

G’day all.

 Show 5 is coming along nicely, it’s theme is “Bloke Knitting”. With the amount of material I’ve found, I think this will only be the first in a few shows on this theme. I’ve recorded two interviews for the show already, and with a little bit of luck, there’ll be a third before Saturday. And I’ve started on a new sock pattern.

 Thanks to eveyone who has responded with comments or emails over the past week, I’ll get back to you all soon, promise. And thanks to everyone who’s enquired about the bush fires in the Blue Mountains, my place is well away from the areas where the fires are, and luckily no property has been lost to the fires yet.

 For this week’s show (and for other shows on the bloke theme), I’d love to hear any stories you have about men and knitting stores, or men and knitting gifts.

 Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it).



22 November 2006 - Posted by | knitting


  1. David,
    I’ve been knitting for years. Dishrags are my forte…6 for my wife and 6 for my two daughters-in-law each Christmas. I’m currently in my “round period”. When we walk into a yarn shop, and my wife says that her husband is the knitter, the owner always says that s/he has lots of male customers.

    Comment by Mike Fuller | 22 November 2006

  2. Just listened to Episode 4 (I’ve been “saving” it for a bus trip to the city) and enjoyed it very much-as usual. Hope they get the fires up there under control soon.

    Comment by Leonie | 22 November 2006

  3. Stories about yarn shops? I often get the feeling that I’m the invisible man when I go to a yarn shop, many staff seem to think that I couldn’t possibly want to buy something. Alternatively, they look at me as though I am there to rob the store!

    Comment by Kerry | 23 November 2006

  4. David, thank you very much for the time you take to create your podcast. I enjoy listening to you very much – your point of view is very refreshing.

    Even though I have been knitting for almost 4 years, I was encouraged by your comments in “Just Do It”. Every “mindblock” that you described is exactly what prevents me from just doing a project I think I really like because it is over the technical experience I THINK I have. That is the problem – – thinking too much.

    Thanks to you, I am going to order an Alice Starmore kit that I have been considering for 2 years but didn’t want to ruin because I don’t think I am good enough with color yet!!!!!

    Hope to keep hearing from you – – Anna Marie (just outside Chicago)

    Comment by Anna Marie | 23 November 2006

  5. Hi David,

    I just discovered your podcast via Cast-on and Lime and Violet. Wonderful job on the podcast! Thank you so much for the good work. I will definitely be tuning in every week.

    Comment by may | 24 November 2006

  6. Hi David,
    You ask about men in yarn shops and i have to honestly tell you that in the 5 years i have been crocheting and 3 years i have been knitting i have never entered a proper yarn shop. So I cant tell you about that aspect. But, i have knit many things for my family and friends as gifts. I dont know if you wanted to know about guys knitting gifts for people but I’m going to tell you about it.

    The first year i started knitting everyone in my family received a seed stitch scarf in their favourite colour of Wool-Ease. They seemed very happy about them(even though we were in houston texas my family that mmoved with me to albany newyork is way more apreciative of the fiber gifts they have received in the last 5 years since i was 13 lol) beteween the scarfs hats gloves and a couple of sweaters people love getting stuf you spent your time to make for them like you said in the last epasode i think you knit to make someone happy and thats why I knit.

    You have a good week and thanks for being consistant inn your podcasting cant wait for the next one.


    Comment by Johnathon | 24 November 2006

  7. Hi David! I really love your podcast. You have a great voice and the content is great. Keep up the great job and keep knitting! I also appreciate your consistency! Have a great day! Carolyn, Plainville, CT

    Comment by Carolyn | 25 November 2006

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