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A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Midweek Update (8 November)

G’day all.

Just a quick update to let you know how Show 3 is coming along. So far, it’s on track. I’ve finished that sock, it fits nicely, but I’m not starting the second one straight away, and it’s not second sock syndrome – you’ll have to listen to the show to find out why. A quick diversion to some booties for a friend’s new baby in the meantime.

This week’s show will be about getting started in knitting and how a little ignorance is a good thing.

If you have any knitting news that you’d like included, or knitting groups to add to the list (they don’t have to be in Australia) please let me know. The weather this week has been cold and wet, a bit of winter left over – it does, however, give me the opportunity to play a track I thought would have to wait until June.

Thanks again to everyone who has left a comment or sent a message, the encouragement is very much appreciated.

Once again, barring disasters (or a very late night at the U2 concert on Friday) Show 3 will be up around lunch time on Saturday.



8 November 2006 - Posted by | knitting


  1. Looking forward to it David. Will you be in the mosh pit at U2? 😉

    Comment by Kerry | 9 November 2006

  2. Hi David! I just finished listening to your pod casts and can not wait until episode 3. Good listening and great content…keep it coming! Thanks!

    Comment by Karen | 9 November 2006

  3. Hi David,

    I am enjoying your podcasts! You have a perfect voice for podcasting and it’s nice to have a mans viewpoint on the knitting world. My daughter and I taught my husband to knit last winter and he knit for a while but put it aside once the summer came. He just recently mentioned that he’d like to take it up again now that the weather here is getting ready for winter! Time to increase the yarn buying budget!

    I’ve also really enjoyed your music choices!

    Lisa L.
    Saratoga Springs, NY

    Comment by Lisa L. | 9 November 2006

  4. Hi, David. I really enjoyed listening to your first two episodes. Looking forward to the third! (And don’t worry about the cats. I’m a cat person too and I find the noises from yours very charming!)

    Comment by Tammany | 10 November 2006

  5. David – lovely show. I’m hooked. I would like to say that recording with the purring Tiger would be lovely too. Don’t censor the kitties! Cheers.

    Comment by Jennie | 10 November 2006

  6. So excited to hear of an Australian podcast show! I don’t know of any other knitting groups besides what you’ve mentioned but I do know of some good places to buy magazines/books as I’m so much more addicted to knitting magazines and podcasts than I actually am to knitting!
    Kinokuniya in CBD Sydney is great for knitting books (is that the one you were talking about on your show?) and the best place I’ve found for magazines is the newsagent at the Seven Hills shopping centre next to the train station. Random. But so far they’re the only one I’ve found that stocks Vogue Knitting, Interweave, Knit.1, Yarn (, Creative Knitting and Jo Sharp.
    Keep up the good podcasting work!

    Comment by Naomi | 10 November 2006

  7. Found your site thru Lime & Violet – wheeeee!

    Very exciting!

    Loooking forward to more from a cute-sounding Aussie who knits!

    Take care,
    Anne aka roxy on

    Comment by Anne aka roxy | 11 November 2006

  8. Hi Dave – I just found your podcast today and have enjoyed your first shows. Looking forward to your next show – thanks!

    Comment by Rebecca | 11 November 2006

  9. I just listened to your first two podcasts today (while on the train) – great job! I really enjoyed both. Looking forward to listening to show #3 on Monday! Please keep them coming…

    Comment by Jeanne | 11 November 2006

  10. Hi Dave,
    I’m a little bit behind but I just listened to your first two podcasts today while running and I love them!! Great job-keep it up bloke. Sorry, I’m an American living in Germany and just wanted to use that word. I’ll be listening to more, believe me.

    Comment by Kimberly | 20 November 2006

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