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A podcast by an Australian bloke who knits.

Show 1 – Make a slip knot

Welcome to the first show. If you’d asked me six months ago if I had any plans to do a podcast, my answer would have been “No”. I knew about pod-casts, in fact I’d been listening to pod-casts from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) since they had put their beta system up in 2005, and one from a group of Everquest 2 gamers, but I had no intention of becoming a pod-caster. This week’s essay (yes I stole the idea from Brenda Dayne at Cast-On) sort of details the journey.

The book I reviewed in the pod-cast is Knitter’s Handbook by Montse Stanley.

The cardigan I’m knitting for mum for Christmas is the Striped Cardigan from threads&more.

Look for the next show next weekend, once again, I’m planning on recording it on Saturday (Australian time) and posting it sometime on that day.

The essay is available here.

What’s happening
Courthouse stitch’n’bitch – Sundays 1:30
NSW Knitter’s Guild – Blue Mountains – 3rd Saturday of each month
Sydney Royal Easter Show 5 – 18 April 2007– Competition details

This show’s music
All the music on this show comes from the Podsafe music network
(Except for the little bit of Bach at the beginning and end, that’s me on a synthesiser.)

Fumitaka Anzai Forest in the morning (link)
Eoghan Colgan The first time (link)
Little Thom Lullab-I-90 (link)

From the bottom of the knitting bag
Simon Armitage’s Tyrannosaurus Rex Versus the Corduroy Kid
I never thought I’d be recommending a book of poetry, but this one is funny, clever and unexpected.

Link to the show file
Show 1 – Make a slip knot

You can contact me at: podcast at sticksandstring dot com dot au (I’m sure you know to replace the at with @ and the dot with . but perhaps the spam bots won’t.)

Or please leave a comment. I’ve got comments set to need moderation, this isn’t to censor anyone, but to stop spam,. You’ll only get moderated once, then you’ll be free to post and with luck none of us will have to read about “enhancement” pills.


29 October 2006 - Posted by | knitting, Podcasting


  1. Hello David Reidy

    What a nice thing to get an email saying that a bloke in the Blue Mountains who knits has played a song of mine. Thanks for that. And wonder of wonders, i wasn’t far from you wehn you played it. i’m here with my wife, who’s rom Sydney, in Australia for the frst time. Up in Kakadoo right now, after some weeks n sydney and region. May be heading to the Blue Mts. when we reurn next week. anyway, thanks again, i look forward to hearing the show. Later on

    Comment by Little | 29 October 2006

  2. Hi David

    It’s nice to know another man had decided to start a knitting podcast. Being an avid knitting podcast listener,I look forward to your future episodes. Happy podcasting!

    A knitter from Singapore.

    Comment by Lois | 31 October 2006

  3. Great show.

    I am happy to see another guy podcaster/producer out in the world. I totally understand that six months ago this was not even a thought in your strangest dreams, and now here you are. If you asked me two year about knitting, I would probably had said something stupid like, uh… whatever…

    Also, you should check into the copyright laws a little closer. I believe that as a long as you site the source you are allowed to share a snippet. Otherwise book reviews would be very difficult to pull off.

    Also, also… no pictures in your first knitting book.. ackk… perhaps I’m getting this wrong, but… did they give really good text descriptions or a lot of cool diagrams. I can only imagine that text descriptions of knitting for beginers wouldn’t be any better than the following directions:

    put lime in coconut
    call doctor

    Comment by Guido from Boston | 1 November 2006

  4. Welcome to podcasting David. We needed a local podcast!

    Comment by M-H | 1 November 2006

  5. Whacko! An Aussie knitting podcast. Thanks for giving it a go, David. Thoroughly enjoyed your first episode and will be back for more.

    Comment by Taphophile | 1 November 2006

  6. Got pointed in this direction through Cast-On, enjoyed every minute of your podcast and let me tell you it is not only blokes that are going about knitting with scientific eyes. But be warned there are too many books written on every angle possible when it comes to knitting and just wait till you drop in the spindle and spinning zone.
    My lilac tortoise and my blue burmese send greetings to your two fellows. Two burmese cats and knitting and sometimes listening to a podcast, what more does one need, I am hooked and will subscribe this very minute

    Comment by Lydia | 4 November 2006

  7. Hello David
    I, too, have discovered you from Cast-On, having just listened to two of Brenda’s episodes and wanting more. I don’t think you have to worry about meeting any standard; you are already surpassing it.
    Loved your description of the Blue Mountains and your choice of music. Looking forward to more of your essays.

    Comment by AnnP from New York | 5 November 2006

  8. David,

    If you would’ve told me a little more than six months ago, that I’d be driving an eighteen wheel tractor-trailer all over the US and find joy in listening to a knitting podcast by an astrophysicist “bloke” in Austrailia, I’d say you’d lost your mind.

    In a midlife “awakening” (sounds better than crisis, don’t you think?) I left a nurse/mgmt career of 20 yrs to allow myself a more creative life. Now, I travel up and down the higways, listening to books and courses on tape, writing and enjoy knitting while waiting for shippers/receivers, and with my new Apple laptop, have been introduced to the world of podcasts!

    Like the proverbial Goldilocks, I wandered in and out of numerous knitting podcasts, looking for one that fit. I listened to at least a dozen, but didn’t find a favorite until I heard yours. Your content, sincerity, soulful music choices (as if on cue, I was listening to the Little Thom song, while driving the semi through Erie PA during a heavy snow… the lyrics mentioned the tanker driver, snow…) and attention to sound quality made listening such a pleasure!

    You asked for suggestions… As a beginner, I noticed that most podcasts are geared to an audience of skilled knitters. I would love to hear suggestions, or mega-easy projects for those of us who fear going beyond making the shape of a square/rectangle. Perhaps even info/resources for beginners? The book you suggested is already on my list, even though I am not a “bloke”.

    You will no doubt find many kindred spirits out here!


    Comment by Lori D. | 5 November 2006

  9. David, I heard your podcast mentioned on Cast-On and Lime ‘N Violet (I was Violet’s secret swap pal a while back so that was fun!), and hopped on over to give you a listen. So far I’ve only listened to the first episode and wanted to comment before going on and forgetting what I wanted to say!

    Of course, love the accent…and I love your story about how you got back to knitting. Everybody has a story! And so many of us are solitary knitters, the internet has given us the chance to be in a group. I really enjoyed your book review, and can understand a man’s perspective on knitting books! I’ve not noticed any interest in learning to knit from my husband, but I was watching an episode of Knitty Gritty on tv and as a technique was being demonstrated I noticed his look of fascination. He’s seen me knit but never examined the actual steps. The scientist/mechanic in him was intrigued. Maybe that’s part of my fascination as well.

    I’m looking forward to listening to the next show! I really liked your music choices for the first (sometimes I skip past the music on some podcasts….) and I guess I want to request some pictures. Of knitting and evil cats or of the Australian landscape.

    Comment by Kathy | 10 November 2006

  10. Great first show David! Congrats!

    Comment by caro | 11 November 2006

  11. Hi David,
    I just listened to the first show – I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to listening to the next two and hope you will keep at it!

    It’s nice to hear knitting from a man’s perspective too. Since there is such a void of good knitting patterns for men – (I’ve experienced that too, while looking for patterns for my husband) – maybe you should think about publishing a book!! Not that you don’t have enough on your plate, I’m sure…

    Comment by Rachael | 13 November 2006

  12. Just found out about your podcast and have thoroughly enjoyed your first show – am downloading the rest to catch up. Great to see another knitting podcast!

    Comment by Carrie Anne | 7 December 2006

  13. David,
    I found your podcast as I traveled the internet much in the manner you describe on the train in this first episode-looking for community and all things knitting.

    I like your format and the details you choose to share (as well as the ones you choose to leave out- I’ve had quite the fill of “and it was so beautiful, you have to try it.”)

    I’ve downloaded all and am looking forward to my drive to work (an elementary music teacher) knowing that I can ignore the snow on the road and that it’s summer in Australia!

    Thank you- from another new fan
    Becky in Southwest Pennsylvania, United States

    Comment by becky | 19 February 2007

  14. LOVE your voice and your show. It’s great to hear a man’s perspective and to feel connected (albeit virtually) with the other side of the globe.

    Cheers from Florida,

    Comment by Toni | 11 April 2007

  15. I just discovered you podcast and I must say it is just lovely listening to your take on knitting. Enjoyed your essay and music choices. Although I am not a male, I too struggle to find patterns that my men children and husband would consider wearing. I am looking forward to catching the rest of your casts. Keep them coming!

    Kathy from Boston

    Comment by Kathy | 21 January 2008

  16. What a great podcast, although I got sucked into that song by Eoghan Colgan, “That First Time” and have obsessively been searching for that particular version of the song. I am not finding it, it’s been revised into some digital, auto tuned sort of thing. I cannot believe he is not topping the charts by now, his songs are so provoking. Oh how I love a good artist.
    So if you know where I can get the guitar version you’ve got in this podcast, please let me know. Itunes, your link, etc are all a different version.
    I have got alot of listening/catching up to do with your podcasts. Can’t wait.
    Happy Knitting!

    Comment by chilloften (@chilloften) | 27 September 2011

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