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Sunday knitting

Having completed all that annoying household stuff that tends to pile up for the weekend (or at least decided that is was not so important that it couldn’t wait until next weekend) I was free to head off for some knitting related activities. One of the people who is a member of the same knitting group as I am was doing spinning demonstrations at Llandilo, a suburb at the base of the mountains, so it was to there that I headed first. As this was a school fete, I was expecting to have some difficulty finding the school, the difficulty turned out to be finding parking, there were massive crowds. It turned out to be quite a decent fete, lots of stuff to buy, lots of community involvement, not much for knitting, but there were the spinners. The problem I have with spinning is that I think I might like it, and that will mean a wheel, a pile of bits and pieces and even less time for my other hobbies, but it does look fun. I met up with Tony, and we talked about a new knitting group for western Sydney, so I may have yet another place to knit in public soon.

From the fete it was off to Courthouse Stitch’n’Bitch which was, as always, lots of fun. Shawls and lace knitting appear to be in at the moment, although I’m still ploughing through the cardigan I’m making my mother for Christmas, not much more mohair to go!

I spent most of this evening recording a place holder podcast and getting a libsyn account set up, so that’s one step closer. I’m aiming for next weekend. We’ll see…


22 October 2006 - Posted by | knitting, Podcasting

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